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North Dakota State has been one of the best teams in college football over the past several seasons winning five of the last six FCS national championships and compiling a 9-3 record against FBS competition. As a result of the Bison’s success fan from all over the Dakotas, Minnesota, and elsewhere have been flocking to games to cheer on NDSU. The Bison are the pride and joy of Fargo making every NDSU home game an unforgettable experience.

The Bison have compiled a .849 winning percentage in the Fargodome since it opened, so you better believe you’ll experience an incredible atmosphere at an NDSU football game. The fans in the Fargodome can bring the noise, and the facility has even earned the nickname “The Thunderdome” due to its loudness. Come prepared to cheer on the Bison and if you’re a fan of the opposing team don’t expect to walk away with a W.

In addition to the incredible fan support and atmosphere, the Gold Star Marching Band also puts on quite the show at NDSU games. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are both fantastic, and all throughout the game, you’ll be treated to their performances as well.

The Fargodome is home to one of the best home crowds in the country as well as an excellent marching band, so come out to Fargo for a fantastic day of college football action.

Things to check out

Pregame Tunnel Walk

The pregame tunnel walk gets everyone pumped up and ready to cheer on the Bison. The walk brings everyone to their feet and gets the Fargodome rocking, making it one of the best parts of any NDSU game.

Gold Star Marching Band

The Gold Star Marching Band is a can’t miss part of any Bison game and will keep you entertainedthroughout the game with their performances. The pregame and halftime shows are must-sees, so don’t miss either during your trip to the Fargodome.

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Keep an eye out for NDSU’s beloved mascot Thundar. Thundar gets into all kinds of shenanigans at Bison games, and he was even a top seed in the 2008 Capital One mascot challenge. He’s a fun part of any Bison game, so enjoy his antics during the game.

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NDSU Cheer Team

The NDSU Cheer Team pumps up the crowd throughout the game with their cheers and routines. Join in the cheers and chants to show your support for the Bison when taking in a game at the Fargodome.

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Fight Songs

  1. On Bison

    Fight Song

    On Bison carry the fight,
    State is backing you.
    Green and yellow colors bright,
    To them we will be true.
    State Bison!
    Fight them right back to the goal,
    A victory for our name.
    On You Bison, Fight You Bison,
    Stampede and win this game.

  2. The Yellow and The Green

    Alma Mater

    Ho! a cheer for Green and Yellow,
    Up with Yellow and the Green;
    They’re the shades that deck our prairies
    Far and wide with glorious sheen,
    Fields of waving green in springtime,
    Golden yellow in the fall-
    How the great high-arching heaven
    Looks and laughs upon it all!

  3. In Heaven There Is No Beer

    Played after every NDSU win

    In heaven there is no beer.
    That’s why we drink it here (Right Here!)
    and when we’re gone from here,
    our friends will be drinking all our beer!

  4. We Are the Pride

    We are the pride of North Dakota
    State collegiates are we
    Sons of the green and yellow prairies
    Our colors will ever be
    (Yell) STATE BISON!!
    Cheer for our dear ol’ alma mater
    Proud and loyal are we
    And we’ll fight — RAH! RAH!
    Yes we’ll fight — RAH! RAH!
    For North Dakota State U team.

    Cheer for the Bison — HIT ‘EM AGAIN! HIT ‘EM AGAIN!
    Cheer for the Bison — HIT ‘EM AGAIN! HIT ‘EM AGAIN!
    Band refrain — (Yell) FIGHT!
    Band refrain — (Yell) FIGHT!
    Band refrain — (Yell) FIGHT!
    Repeat chorus.

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