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The Super Pit has undergone relatively few renovations over the years allowing you to feel like you’re stepping back in time when attending a Mean Green basketball game. The venue still features most of its original features and gives off a cool early 70s vibe. While to some this may make the place feel outdated, it also gives off a fun, nostalgic feeling.

Speaking of the past, the Mean Green do an excellent job of showcasing the basketball and athletic program’s history at the Super Pit. You can see several banners hanging above the court celebrating past conference championships, and you’ll find a hall of fame and trophy case on the concourse as well.

In addition to being able to see the history of the Mean Green, you’ll also experience a lively in-game basketball experience. Mean Green fans show up in large numbers when the team is doing well, and even when they aren’t the pep band and cheerleaders still create a fun collegiate atmosphere.

Attending a game at The Super Pit offers a fun, nostalgic experience that any college hoops fan in the great state of Texas should experience at least once.

Things to check out

North Texas Hall of Fame

he North Texas Hall of Fame honors all of the best athletes in North Texas history including Pro Football Hall of Famer Mean Joe Greene. Make sure to stop by the Hall of Fame and see plaques dedicated to all of the inductees.

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Trophy Case

The trophy case at The Super Pit is a great chance to see all of the accolades won by the Mean Green over the years. The case contains several conference championship trophies, so check them all out.


Hanging from the rafters of the Super Pit are banners celebrating the Mean Green basketball team’s many accomplishments from over the years. Take a minute to take them all in and remember your favorite moments in Mean Green basketball history.

Eagles Crew

The eagle claw shows off to everyone who you cheer for, so don’t be shy to flash the eagle claw and show off your Mean Green pride. To take part in this time-honored tradition, all you need to do is make a V with your index and middle finger, extend your thumb, and curl your fingers. Once you master it, you’ll be making friends with fellow Mean Green fans in no time.


Scrappy is the official mascot of the North Texas Mean Green and can be seen at all home football games. His origin dates back to 1971 although he was not official known as Scrappy until 1995. During games keep your eyes peeled for him on the sideline where you’ll spot him entertaining and energizing fans throughout the game.

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Green Out

The school’s nickname is the Mean Green, so don’t be surprised if a green out is in effect when attending a game. During green out, all the fans show up in green to give the team an extra edge. Green shows off your fan support for the Mean Green and does a great job of pumping up the team, so make sure to wear green to the next North Texas game you attend.

Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    The North Texas fight song was written by alumnus Francis Stroup in the fall of 1939.

    Let’s give a cheer for U of NT!

    Cheer for the green and white.

    Victory’s in store whate’er the score.

    Our team will ever fight.

    Fight, fight, fight!

    Shoulder to shoulder we march along, striving for vic-tor-y.

    Playing the game for the honor and fame and glory of U-N-T! U – N – T Eagles!

    U-N-T Eagles! Fight, fight, fight!

  2. Glory to the Green

    Alma Mater

    Singing glory to the green,
    singing glory to the white,
    For we know our university
    is striving for the right;
    Down the corridors of years,
    we’ll forget the joys and tears,
    But North Texas, North Texas, we love!

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