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A Northern Illinois basketball game offers college hoops fans in the Chicago area and MAC basketball fans an excellent opportunity to see a game for cheap. A trip to DeKalb will typically cost you under $25 making it one of the better entertainment values in the area.

It’s not just the value that makes attending an NIU basketball game a good experience, the crowd at Huskies game provides a great atmosphere. The student section known as the Red Riot is especially loud, and even though the Huskies haven’t been to the tournament since 1996, you’ll still find a good turnout at just about every game.

Finally, make sure to stop by Fatty’s during your trip to DeKalb. No trip to DeKalb is complete without having a burger or melt from the local favorite. You can also grab drinks here as well making it the perfect pregame or postgame destination.

A trip to DeKalb is a fun time for any MAC basketball fan, and best of all it won’t put much of dent in your wallet.

Things to check out

Unique Court Design

The court design at NIU’s Convocation Center is quite the sight to behold. The floor here features a unique design that depicts the eyes of a husky lurking in the shadows and is a must-see for any college hoops fan.

NIU Athletics Hall of Fame

Stop by the NIU Athletics Hall of Fame before tip-off to learn more about the greatest athletes in Huskies history. The hall of fame is a can’t miss for anyone attending a Huskies basketball game, so stop by and check it out.

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NIU Alumni Shop

The Alumni Shop is your one stop shop for all thing Huskies. Here you’ll find just about any NIU gear you could ever want, so stop by and pick up a souvenir from your trip to DeKalb.

NCAA Tournament Banners

Hanging above the court are banners honoring NIU’s three NCAA Tournament appearances. The banners celebrate the best teams in program history so take a second to view them and remember all of your favorite Huskies memories from over the years.

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Red Riot

The Red Riot is the nickname given the Huskies student section. The section fills quickly every game and is one of the loudest student sections you will encounter in the MAC. There is always a riot in the student section with raucous chants and infectious energy that is contagious throughout the arena.

NIU Mascot

You can see the Huskies costumed mascot roaming the sidelines at any NIU basketball game. The mascot does an excellent job engaging with the crowd and is a can’t miss so keep an eye out for him at the game.

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Huskie Band

The Huskie Band always knows what tune to play to energize the crowd helping create one of the best home court advantages in the MAC. Their tunes will get everyone in the building pumped, so don’t miss out on this incredible band when attending an NIU game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Huskie Fight Song

    Huskies, come on you Huskies
    and make a score or two

    Huskies, you’re Northern Huskies
    the team to pull us through

    Forward, together forward
    there’s victory in view

    Come on you Huskies, Fight on you
    Huskies and win for N.I.U.

  2. NIU Chant

    The signature chant from the Huskies fans is a very loud N-I-U




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