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A Northwestern State football game is an excellent experience for any football fan in Louisiana. If you’re looking to experience the college gameday experience without breaking the bank by attending an LSU, then a Northwestern State Demons game is a fantastic option. Not only is Northwestern State home to a great tailgating scene, but it also features a fun in-game experience as well.

Harry Turpin Stadium is an excellent place to spend a fall Saturday and is home to all kinds of in-game entertainment. The Spirit of Northwestern band puts on a great performance throughout the game, and the mascot and spirit squads will also keep you entertained.

Not to be outdone, the Demons football teams themselves are no slouches either. The Demons have gone undefeated at home five times and amassed a .685 winning percentage at home since 1977, meaning you’ll get to see some good football when watching the Demons.

A Northwestern State football game is a great experience for any FCS football fan, so get your tickets today.

Things to check out

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Spirit of Northwestern

The Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band puts on a fantastic show at Demons football games. The band’s pregame and halftime shows are incredible, and their music throughout the game creates a great atmosphere throughout the game. Enjoy the band as they’re one of the best parts of any Northwestern State game.

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Vic the Demon

Fans young and old will love Vic the Demon’s antics. Vic gets into all kinds of trouble at games and is quite the hoot, so keep an eye out for him when taking in a game at Harry Turpin Stadium.

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Cheer and Dance Teams

The cheer and dance teams at Northwestern State will dazzle you with their routines. The cheer team pumps up the crowd with their chants, and the dance team will keep you entertained with their incredible dance moves. Don’t miss the performances of either group when attending a Demons game.

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Fight Songs

  1. NSU Fight Song

    Go ye Demons take the field
    Northwestern Demons never yield
    Fight Demons win tonight
    Victory is on our side

    (Go, Fight, Win)

    Purple and White shall ever reign
    Filling the air with battle strain
    So, Demons forever stand
    And fight for dear old Demonland!

    Repeat (Then Yell)


  2. Northwestern State University Alma Mater

    Oh, Alma Mater here today,
    We for thy lasting blessings pray,
    We know not where our paths may go,
    But, thou’ll uphold us still we know,
    Unchanging thou, ‘mid changes vast,
    Unswerved from ideals of the past,
    Steadfast and true, our watchword e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

    Thy trees their solemn chorus bend about thee,
    Flowers their censers blend.
    Our voices swell their murmuring strain,
    Our hearts repeat the old refrain,
    Thy purpose high to carry on Northwestern,
    Thou has honor won! Steadfast and true,
    Our watchword e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

    In after years, when far away,
    Thy presence strong will near us stay,
    And as the echo of our son will,
    With new courage, lead us on;
    And to our eager vision then
    Each subtle memory meaning lend,
    Steadfast and true, our watch-
    Word e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

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