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Chicago is a place where alumni from all over the Big Ten congregate making Northwestern an excellent road trip for any Big Ten fans out there. All throughout Chicago you’ll find fans sporting their school’s colors, so you’ll have no problem finding fellow fans of your team when attending a game at Welsh-Ryan Arena. It’s particularly convenient for Wisconsin and Illinois fans whose schools are located within three hours of Evanston.

In addition to the ability to connect with fans from your alma mater, Welsh-Ryan Arena also offers an excellent one of a kind old school atmosphere. Welsh-Ryan is one of the older venues in the Big Ten, and it lacks many of the frills you’ll find elsewhere, but the lineup and up and play old school charm is worth experiencing at least once.

A Northwestern game also is relatively affordable with ticket prices usually around $30 per ticket, so if a game at Northwestern is your one chance to see your team play all season then there is little reason not to go.

A Wildcats game is the perfect place to see your team play if you’re a Big Ten fan in Chicago as well as a great place to meet up with other alumni.

Things to check out


Inside Welsh-Ryan Arena, you’ll see banners hanging from the rafters honoring all of the best teams in Northwestern athletics history. The banners show off the women’s lacrosse team’s seven national championships as well as all of the Wildcats conference championships in various sports, so make sure to check them out.

Willie the Wildcat

Willie the Wildcat has been the official Northwestern mascot since 1933 and made his first real life appearance in 1947. Northwestern fans young and old love Willie's cheers and taunts, so keep an eye for him at the game.

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Pep Band

Northwestern’s pep band, provides excellent in-game entertainment with a broad range of music. The pep band does an outstanding job of creating a fun atmosphere and keeps everyone in the game, so make sure to enjoy their musical stylings when attending a Wildcats game.

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Northwestern Cheer Team

The Northwestern Cheer Team pumps up the crowd with cheers and chants during the game. Come prepared to get loud when attending a Wildcats basketball game.

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Wildcat Growl/Claw

When attending a Northwestern game make sure to join in the Wildcat Growl. During the Growl, fans hold up their arm in a claw formation while creating as much noise as possible to distract the opponent. It’s great fun and an excellent way to intimidate the opposition as well.

Fight Songs

  1. Northwestern Fight Song

    Go ye Demons take the field
    Northwestern Demons never yield
    Fight Demons win tonight
    Victory is on our side

    (Go, Fight, Win)

    Purple and White shall ever reign
    Filling the air with battle strain
    So, Demons forever stand
    And fight for dear old Demonland!

    Repeat (Then Yell)


  2. Northwestern Alma Mater

    Oh, Alma Mater here today,
    We for thy lasting blessings pray,
    We know not where our paths may go,
    But, thou’ll uphold us still we know,
    Unchanging thou, ‘mid changes vast,
    Unswerved from ideals of the past,
    Steadfast and true, our watchword e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

    Thy trees their solemn chorus bend about thee,
    Flowers their censers blend.
    Our voices swell their murmuring strain,
    Our hearts repeat the old refrain,
    Thy purpose high to carry on Northwestern,
    Thou has honor won! Steadfast and true,
    Our watchword e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

    In after years, when far away,
    Thy presence strong will near us stay,
    And as the echo of our son will,
    With new courage, lead us on;
    And to our eager vision then
    Each subtle memory meaning lend,
    Steadfast and true, our watch-
    Word e’re shall be –
    To thee, our Alma Mater, Loyalty!

  3. Go U! NU!

    Go! U Northwestern!
    Break right through that line.
    With our colors flying,
    We will cheer you all the time,
    U! Rah! Rah!
    Go U Northwestern
    Fight for victory,
    Spread far the fame of our fair name
    Go Northwestern, win that game!
    Go! U Northwestern!


    (Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!


    (Yell) Go! Northwestern Go!
    Hit ’em hard!
    Hit ’em low!
    Go! Northwestern Go!

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