Oakland Raiders fans are known as the most notorious fans of any professional sports team in the United States. Regardless of their team’s recent misfortunes, Raider nation comes to party and cheer on the home team every Sunday. They are one of the most prideful groups around, so you won’t see Raiders fan wearing brown paper bags.

The best place to take in the true Raiders atmosphere is at the “Black Hole” tailgates surrounding the Oakland Coliseum complex. The fans who put on these tailgates come prepared with barbeque chicken, bacon cheeseburgers, and a staple of Raiders tailgating, jalapeño nachos.

Aside from the amazing food Raiders fans are known to put on a hell of a party. Which means the hard liquor, cold beers and even marijuana (Legal in Cali) if your into that sort of thing. No matter how you want to do your pregame festivities, you’re assured to have a great experience in Oakland.


The Black Hole

A section of parking lot a known for crazy dressed fanatics. You’ll encounter fans dressed as Darth Vader, Pin-Head, Fro Man, Black Knuckles and more. You will never encounter a wilder group of fans at a tailgate. You know you have hit the Black Hole when the air is filled with a mix of weed smoke and barbeque.

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Where to tailgate

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