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Ohio is one of the most successful basketball programs in the MAC and home to one of the best gameday experiences in the conference as well. The Convocation Center is buzzing on game days and features everything you could want in a college hoops game including an excellent pep band, a rowdy student section, and a lovable mascot.

The O Zone gets behind their team win or lose and all throughout the game you’ll hear cheers and chants coming from these die-hards. The Ohio students get after opponents and are difficult to silence making them one of the best student sections in the MAC and a must-see for any MAC hoops fan.

In addition to the rowdy students and an incredible band, The Convo is also home to not one but two halls of fame. The Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame honors all of the best athletes in Bobcats history, and the Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame celebrates the best athletic trainers from the state. Make sure to check out both during your trip to Athens to get the full Ohio game day experience.

Additionally, Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in the MAC, and the Ohio campus is breathtaking. The architecture around campus is gorgeous, and the rolling hills and valleys create a picturesque landscape to explore.

A trip to Athens is a must for any MAC hoops fan and is among the best travel destinations in the conference.

Things to check out

Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame

During your trip to The Convo make sure to check out the Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame. The hall celebrates all of the best athletes in Bobcats history and is home to a slew of trophies won by the Bobcats over the years making it a must-see.

Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame

The Ohio Athletics Hall of Fame isn’t the only hall of fame inside The Convo. The Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association does an excellent job of honoring all of the best trainers from the state. Stop by the hall of fame and learn more about the men and women who work behind the scenes.


The Convo features several banners celebrating the best players and teams in Bobcats basketball history. The banners show off the program’s 13 NCAA Tournament appearances, three Sweet Sixteen appearances, and one Elite Eight appearance, so check them out during your visit.

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Rufus the Bobcat

The fierce mascot roams the sideline during games looking to rile up the fans and inspire school spirit. Rufus works hard to keep the crowd pumped up and entertained on game days, so keep your eyes peeled for him during stoppages in play or when you need an extra boost in cheering on the Bobcats.

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Ohio Varsity Band

The Ohio Varsity Band is a key feature of every Ohio game day that you won’t want to miss. The band provides an incredible atmosphere inside The Convo and play a variety of school songs as well as contemporary music, so enjoy the Ohio Varsity Band’s performance when attending a Bobcats basketball game.

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The O Zone

The O Zone is the Ohio student section and is filled to the brim with rowdy fans on game days. The students form a sea of green in the stand and are among the noisiest student sections in the MAC making The Convo a tough place for any opponent to play.

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Fight Songs

  1. Stand Up and Cheer

    Ohio Fight Song

    Stand up and cheer
    Cheer loud and long for old OHIO
    For today we raise
    The Green and White above the rest

    Our team is fighting,
    And we are bound to win the fray
    We’ve got the team,
    We’ve got the steam,
    For this is old OHIO’s day!

    Rah! Rah! Rah!


  2. Alma Mater, Ohio

    When e’er we take our book of mem’ries
    And scan its pages through and through
    We’ll find no days that glow so brightly
    As those we spent at old O.U.
    Within our Alma Mater’s portals
    We meet her children hand to hand
    And when there comes the day of parting,
    Still firm and loyal we will stand

    CHORUS (2 verses)
    Alma Mater, Ohio,
    Alma Mater, brave and fair!
    Alma Mater, we hail thee,
    For we own thy kindly care.

    Alma Mater, Ohio,
    When we read thy story o’er,
    We revere thee and cheer thee
    As we sing thy praise once more.

    Our Alma Mater calls us ever,
    And love of country has its claim,
    The one but makes us prize the other,
    And thus we cherish both the same.
    When Alma Mater sends us forward,
    And in her name we stand in line,
    Then we will serve the nation better,
    For having gathered at her shrine.


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