1. Dotting the "i"

One of the most famous sights at an Ohio State is the band’s performance of Script Ohio. The signature moment of this performance occurs when the Sousaphone player dots the “i.” Make sure to take in this amazing spectacle when attending a Buckeyes game.

2. O-H-I-O Chant

The O-H-I-O chant at Ohio Stadium is quite the spectacle. The chant starts with the students in the South Stands when they yell “O,” then the East continues the chant by yelling “H,” the North follows with “I,” and the West ends with the chant with “O.” The chant can go around the stadium for an incredible ten minutes, and Buckeye fans have even managed to pull it off at other venues, such as Ross-Ade Stadium.

3. Hang on Sloopy

This song has been designated as the state rock song of Ohio and is played before the start of the fourth quarter at every Buckeyes game. Fans typically perform the O-H-I-O chant during the interval between refrains, which gets everyone pumped up.

4. The Hive and Circle

Before their warmups, the team enters the field with their arms linked in what is known as “The Hive.” Then after warmups, the team returns to the locker room and re-enters the field in a circle around the strength coach. Get to the game early so that you can take in this great tradition.

5. Tunnel of Pride

The Tunnel of Pride tradition dates back to 1994 and has former Buckeyes players creating a tunnel that the current team runs through onto the field when facing Michigan. The tunnel is a great spectacle as well as a great way to connect current players with Buckeyes from the past.

6. Ramp Entrance

At Ohio State, the band has their entrances that usually takes place at 19:45 before kickoff. The percussion section leads the entrance as everyone chants O-H-I-O, Ohio repeatedly as the band enters the field.

7. Skull Session

Before football games at OSU, the St. John’s Arena holds a pep rally dubbed the Skull Session. Two hours before kickoff, the Ohio State University Marching Band performs for a ton of fans, followed by the coaches addressing the crowd. Many fans gather here early to partake in this Ohio State tradition.

8. Buckeye Grove

Buckeye Grove located on the Southwest end of the stadium next to Morrill Tower honors all the first team All-Americans in the history of the program. Each time a Buckeye earns first team All-American honors a tree is planted for him in the grove, so stop by and check out this tribute to all the greatest players in Buckeyes history.

9. Victory Bell

When at Ohio Stadium take a look at the Victory Bell, which can be found in the southeast tower. After every Ohio State victory, the victory bell is rung by Alpha Phi Omega members. The tradition goes back to 1954 and can be heard throughout Columbus on game day, so listen for the Victory Bell following the game.

10. Carmen Ohio

After every game, the coaches and players join the band in the south end zone to sing the school’s alma mater Carmen Ohio. This tradition is a great way to wrap up a game and show off your school pride.

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