The RUF/Neks are an all-male pep squad and hold the honor of being the oldest all-male pep squad in the country. Keep your eyes peeled for the RUF/NEKs, who really get the crowd pumped on game day.

2. Boomer and Sooner

While the real horses known as Boomer and Sooner don’t make appearances at basketball games, the lovable costumed versions do. Keep an eye out for these two as they entertain fans young and old at the game.

3. History Displays

Around the concourse are several displays showing off Oklahoma’s rich basketball history. The exhibits feature tributes to the best players and teams in Sooner history so take a stroll of the concourse and check them all out.

4. The OU Chant

Everyone who wears the crimson and cream of the Oklahoma Sooners is expected to stand and raise one finger in the air during the OU Chant. Written in 1936, the Chant fires up the crowd, as well as the athletes, while the index finger in the air symbolizes the unity of Sooner nation. Join in on the OU Chant to feel a part of Sooner Nation.

5. Bedlam: Oklahoma-Oklahoma State

While the football game may be the marquee matchup in the Bedlam Series, the basketball contests also count towards winning the Bedlam Bell. There’s more than just simple bragging rights on the line when Oklahoma and Oklahoma State meet on the hardwood, so don’t miss it.

6. OU Cheer and OU Pom

The Sooner Spirit cheer team energizes the crowd with their cheer routines. Get up and get loud when you see the OU Cheer and Ou Pom squads to give the Sooners your full support.

7. Pride of Oklahoma

The Sooners have an excellent marching band, so it should come as no surprise that the pep band is top notch as well. Enjoy the musical stylings of the OU pep band as they’ll keep the tempo high throughout the game.

8. Banners

When you arrive at your seat you’ll see a slew of banners hanging from the rafters. The banners honor all of OU’s best former players such as Wayman Tisdale and Alvan Adams as well as the program’s many accomplishments over the years, so take a minute to take it all in.

9. Chant Leaders

The Chant Leaders at OU lead the student section in a variety of chants. The student section has many unique chants you won’t hear elsewhere including the “Socks for Blocks” chant when a Sooner blocks a shot or their free throw routines, so enjoy them and join in on them when attending an OU basketball game.

10. Red River Rivalry: Oklahoma-Texas

Oklahoma and Texas have a long standing rivalry that goes beyond just sports. The two states have a strong distaste for each other, and there is nothing better than showing your superiority, so make sure to be in attendance when the Sooners and Longhorns meet.

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