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Over the years Oklahoma has developed a rich football history and in doing so, the team has built up an impressive fanbase. The first thing you’ll notice when attending a game in Norman is how lively the atmosphere is here. Learn the chants and cheers before coming to the game so that you can take part in one of the most classic atmospheres in all of college football.

Oklahoma is a school steeped in traditions when it comes to football. Before things even kickoff you’ll be able to tell that you’re about to witness one of the most classic game day experiences in all of college football. One of the most famous traditions at Oklahoma is the Sooner Schooner, which is run out to the fifty-yard line after every Sooner score. Everyone loves the Sooner Schooner, so be sure to grab a video of this great tradition if you get the chance.

The rich tradition and history of the Sooner football program, make the trip to Norman well worth it for big time college football fans. You’ll love being able to take part in the great traditions that go on during the game and you’ll experience the treat of watching one of the best teams in the nation do their thing.


Things to check out

The Sooner Schooner

Oklahoma University’s mascot is one of the most iconic mascots in all of college football. Pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner, the Schooner is a smaller sized replica of a wagon used by settlers in the late 1880’s. It is brought onto the field after each score by the all male RUF/NEK spirit squad while students chant “Boomer! Sooner!”

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The RUF/Neks are an all-male pep squad and hold the honor of being the oldest all-male pep squad in the country. One of the RUF/NEKs most famous traditions is running down the field with OU flags and sliding into the goal posts. Once they reach the goal post they perform the FADADA chant, which gets the crowd into a frenzy. Keep your eyes peeled for the RUF/NEKs, who really get the crowd pumped on game day.

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Pride of Oklahoma

With great school pride comes to a great marching band. One of the only school marching bands to appear in both the Rose Bowl Parade and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade the Pride of Oklahoma is one of the best bands in the country. Make sure to stay in your seat at halftime as you wouldn’t want to miss their fantastic halftime performance.

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Play Like a Champion Today!

Since the 1940s Sooners players and coaches have been touching the Play Like a Champion Today! Sign on their way out of the locker room. The Sooners even have a travel sign they take on the road allowing them to continue the tradition wherever they go. The saying is so ingrained into Oklahoma football tradition that the team runs out onto the field under a crimson Play Like a Champion Today! banner.

Giant Video Scoreboard

The giant scoreboard at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the 8th biggest in all of college football, and it will get even bigger thanks to a recently approved $370, which will see the scoreboard’s size increase to a massive 8,750 square feet. Check out this massive scoreboard as there is a good chance you may even get to see yourself on it.

Legends Lobby at the Barry Switzer Center

The Legends Lobby is an impressive shrine to the history Oklahoma University Sooners football. The lobby is filled with an extensive memorabilia collection including biographies of OU’s greatest, Heisman trophies, championship trophies, and features former Coach Merv Johnson as a tour guide. Regardless of your team affiliation, this lobby is a must see for college football fans everywhere.

Fight Songs

  1. The O.U. Chant

    Everyone who wears the crimson and cream of the Oklahoma Sooners is expected to stand and raise one finger in the air during the OU Chant. Written in 1936, the Chant fires up the crowd, as well as the athletes, while the index finger in the air symbolizes the unity of Sooner nation. Join in on the OU Chant to feel a part of Sooner Nation.


    Our chant rolls on and on!

    Thousands strong

    Join heart and song

    In alma mater’s praise

    Of campus beautiful by day and night

    Of colors proudly gleaming Red and White

    ‘Neath a western sky

    OU’s chant will never die.

    Live on University!

  2. Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner

    Boomer Sooner, OK U!


    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    Oklahoma, OK U!


    I’m a Sooner born and Sooner bred

    and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead

    Rah Oklahoma, Rah Oklahoma

    Rah Oklahoma, OK U!

  3. Fight For O.K.U

    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    Marching on to victory

    Oklahoma, Oklahoma

    Red and White we’re proud of thee

    Ever singing victory bringing

    For the school we’re loyal to

    Give a cheer! Rah! Rah!

    For the team! Rah! Rah!

    As we fight for O-K-U!  


    Fight, fight, fight,

    Show the team we’re here!

    Yell, yell, yell,

    Give a mighty cheer!

    O- K-L-A-H-O-M-A  

  4. O.K. Oklahoma

    O.K. Oklahoma, K.O. the foe today.

    We say O.K. Oklahoma, the Sooners know the way. ‘Ray!

    S double-O-N-E-R-S! We’ll win today or miss our guess.

    O.K. Oklahoma, K.O. the foe today.

    We’ll march down the field with our heads held high,

    Determined to win any battle we’re in,

    We’ll fight with all our might for the Red and White.

    March on, march on down the field for a victory is nigh.

    You know we came to win the game for Oklahoma,

    And so we will or know the reason why!

    We’ll march down the field with our heads held high,

    With ev’ry resource we’ll hold to the course,

    And pledge our heart and soul to reach the goal.

    March on, march on down the field as we sing the battle cry.

    Dig in and fight for the Red and White of Oklahoma,

    So we’ll take home a victory or die!

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