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Gallagher-Iba Arena has earned the nicknames “The Rowdiest Arena in the Country” and “The Madison Square Garden of the Plains,” so you know you’ll have a good experience when attending an Oklahoma State basketball game. While football may be the sport most associated with Oklahoma State, the basketball fans here are rabid as well. The students set up tent towns before all of the Big 12 Conference games, so if that doesn’t show you how dedicated they are to basketball in Stillwater nothing will.

Gallagher-Iba Arena also holds the distinction of being one of the oldest facilities in college basketball. The arena opened in 1938 and has been home to countless big basketball games and wrestling events, so the place just oozes with history. OSU’s athletic history is well on display here thanks to Heritage Hall, so make sure to arrive early and take it all in.

In addition to the incredible crowd and the thrill of attending a game at the famous Gallagher-Iba Arena, you’ll also be able to experience some excellent pre and post game entertainment around Stillwater. Stillwater is home to the famed Eskimo Joe’s as well as Willie’s Saloon, so you’ll find plenty to do during your trip.

You’ll have an excellent time attending a game at the historic Gallagher-Iba Arena where the intense fan support and history of the arena provide a good in-game atmosphere.

Things to check out

Heritage Hall

Located in the Gallagher-Iba Arena, Heritage Hall is the home to the rich history of OSU spirit and athletics. Containing everything from photos to actual, old school Oklahoma State University (once called Oklahoma A&M) gear, this hall is a must see for any college football fan.

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“We Will Remember” Oklahoma State Plane Crash Memorial

Inside Gallagher-Iba Arena you’ll find a memorial dedicated to the ten people who lost their lives in the 2001 Oklahoma State basketball team plane crash. The memorial features pictures of those lost in the crash with the Spirit Rider kneeling and taking off his hat. Stop by and pay respects to these members of the OSU basketball family when attending a game.

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Hanging from the rafters of Gallagher-Iba Arena are many banners. The banners show off the accomplishments of the Cowboys basketball program and also pay tribute to the ten people lost in the Oklahoma State plane crash. Take a minute to appreciate Oklahoma State's basketball history, both good and bad, when attending a game.

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Pistol Pete

Named and designed after a real, bonafide cowboy, Pistol Pete is the mascot for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. A group of students in 1923 saw Frank Eaton leading a parade and asked to use his likeness as the mascot. The history of Frank Eaton can be found here and is definitely worth reading about. Pistol Pete the mascot has become a huge symbol for OSU fans, and he can often be seen around town, at sporting events, signing autographs, and even making wedding appearances.

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Camp Sutton

Oklahoma State students camp outside Gallagher-Iba Arena to secure floor seats to all of Cowboys’ the Big 12 Conference games. The tent town is quite a sight to behold and if you’re a student that wants to get up close to the action make sure to arrive early and register your tent.

Pep Band

The Oklahoma State pep band keeps the energy high inside Gallagher-Iba Arena. The band will put a pep in the step of both the fans and players, so enjoy the atmosphere they provide when attending a Cowboys basketball game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Ride 'Em Cowboys!

    (Cowboys a riding,
    Lassoes a-flying,
    Under the western sky.
    And as they ride,
    We rise to sing and shout our battle cry!)

    Ride, ride, ride, ride,
    Ride’em Cowboys,
    Right down the field;
    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
    Fight’em Cowboys, and never yield.
    Ride, ride, ride, ride,
    Ride on, Cowboys, to victory;
    Cross (opponent)?s goal;
    Then we’ll sing ?O-kla-homa State!?’

  2. OSU Chant

    Go! Go! Go Pokes! Go Pokes! Go Pokes! Go!
    O! S! U!
    OSU, the greatest in the nation!
    OSU, the team that’s got the go spirit and the will to win.
    Make a score and we’ll shout, “Beat (opponent)!”
    OSU, it’s orange and black we’re cheering on to victory today,
    and so we’ll say: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! STATE! Univer-si-ty!

  3. OSU Alma Mater Hymn

    After every win, OSU players, coaches, students, and alumni sing the OSU Alma Mater Hymn. The hymn can even be heard at away games sometimes, so come prepared to sing the school’s alma mater after the game.

    Proud and immortal
    Bright Shines Your Name
    Oklahoma State
    We Herald Your Fame
    Ever You’ll Find Us
    Loyal and True
    To Our Alma Mater
    O – S – U

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