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Oklahoma State’s recent success has transformed the atmosphere at Boone Pickens Stadium from being pretty great to being one of the best in all of the Big 12. The students’ section at Oklahoma State is one of the best as they even go as far as to bang wooden paddles to give the Cowboys any advantage they can. As part of the crowd you’ll take part in many choreographed chants including the waving song and Orange Power chant, so be sure to join in on these fun traditions when you attend an Oklahoma State game.

Boone Pickens has also undergone a lot of renovations over the last decade or so making it one of the premier facilities in college football. The new renovations mean that you’ll find plenty of comfort and amenities when visiting Boone Pickens. You’ll also find that the stadium offers great sightlines regardless of where you’re sitting making your game day experience a pleasant one as you’ll always be able to see what is happening.

The raucous crowd and the fine amenities provided by the newly renovated Boone Pickens Stadium make a Cowboys game a must for all you diehard college football fans out there. You’ll have a great time in Stillwater, which will leave you wanting to come back again soon.

Things to check out

OSU Spirit Rider

With its first appearance in 1984, the Spirit Rider has become a huge tradition at Oklahoma State. The Spirit Rider leads the Spirit Walk, marches to the field with the OSU marching band, and runs to the 30-yard line after a touchdown.

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Paddle People

One of the loudest sections in the stadium is without a doubt the fan section dubbed “the paddle people.” The west end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium is filled with fans who use wooden paddles to bang on the field’s sidewalls to amp up the crowd and players. The section had become so rowdy that recently the Big 12 changed the rules, and they are no longer allowed to “paddle” while the ball is in play but the rhythmic pounding is still an issue for the opposing offense.

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Pistol Pete

Named and designed after a real, bonafide cowboy, Pistol Pete is the mascot for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. A group of students in 1923 saw Frank Eaton leading a parade and asked to use his likeness as the mascot. The history of Frank Eaton can be found here and is definitely worth reading about. Pistol Pete the mascot has become a huge symbol for OSU fans, and he can often be seen around town, at sporting events, signing autographs, and even making wedding appearances.

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The Waving Song

After touchdowns and game victories, the Cowboy Marching Band bellows the waving song while fans raise their right arm and sway it back and forth

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Fight Songs

  1. OSU Alma Mater

    After every win at Boone Pickens Stadium, OSU players and coaches gather in front of the student section in the northwest corner of the stadium and sing the Alma Mater

    Proud and immortal

    Bright Shines Your Name

    Oklahoma State

    We Herald Your Fame

    Ever You’ll Find Us

    Loyal and True

    To Our Alma Mater

    O – S – U

  2. Ride 'Em Cowboys

    (Cowboys a riding,

    Lassoes a-flying,

    Under the western sky.

    And as they ride,

    We rise to sing and shout our battle cry!)

    Ride, ride, ride, ride,

    Ride’em Cowboys,

    Right down the field;

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Fight’em Cowboys, and never yield.

    Ride, ride, ride, ride,

    Ride on, Cowboys, to victory;

    Cross (opponent)?s goal;

    Then we’ll sing ?O-kla-homa State!?’

  3. The Waving Song

    After touchdowns and game victories, the Cowboy Marching Band bellows the waving song while fans raise their right arm and sway it back and forth.

    Oklahoma State! Oklahoma State!  

    We’ll sing your praise tonight;  

    To let you know where e’re we go,  

    For the Orange and Black we’ll fight  

    We’ll sing your worth o’er all the Earth  

    And shout: Ki Yi! Ki Ye!  

    In books of fame we’ll write your name,  

    Oklahoma State!

  4. OSU Chant

    Go! Go! Go Pokes! Go Pokes! Go Pokes! Go!

    O! S! U!

    OSU, the greatest in the nation!

    OSU, the team that’s got the go spirit and the will to win.

    Make a score and we’ll shout, “Beat (opponent)!”

    OSU, it’s orange and black we’re cheering on to victory today,  

    and so we’ll say: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A! STATE! Univer-si-ty!

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