The atmosphere around Boone Pickens Stadium and Stillwater, OK on game day is filled with Poke pride as they prepare for kickoff. Tailgating is a sport all on its own at OSU and fans aren’t afraid to show their Cowboy pride. Tailgates are allowed to be set up as early as the Thursday before game day! Over the past few years since the Cowboys won their first Big 12 championship title in 2011, the atmosphere around Oklahoma State has only gotten better.

Tailgating at Oklahoma State offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking to party hard or just have a nice day out with the family, you’ll find the experience you’re looking for here. Places like the Stonewall Tavern and The Range will meet the needs of those of you who want to get wild and experience the best parties that Stillwater has to offer. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some family fun then the Hall of Fame Block Party has you covered as you’ll be able to find plenty of fun activities for the little ones here.

Another great aspect of tailgating at Oklahoma State is the food. At OSU you’ll find a wide range of cuisine ranging from Southwestern food to barbecue and much more. Typically people commit to a different theme each week, which means if you have something to share then you’ll likely be able to experience a little bit of everything as Cowboys fans are very friendly. Regarding drinks beer seems to be more popular, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find hard liquor around as people come to the tailgate expecting to party hard.

Tailgating at Oklahoma State is a great experience then any big time college football fan should experience, so put on some orange and black and head on down to Stillwater for a wild and fun weekend.


The Walk

On game day, two hours and fifteen minutes before the start of the game, the Oklahoma Cowboys walk down Hester Street to Boone Pickens Stadium with Coach Gundy and the Spirit Rider leading the pack. Fans gather on both sides of the road to cheer on and amp up their Cowboys in preparation for game day.

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Hall of Fame Block Party

The Block Party offers a great place to tailgate if you’re looking for a family friendly atmosphere. Here you’ll find inflatables, live music, OSU merchandise, coverage of games from across the country, and much more.

Stonewall Tavern

If you’d rather catch the game at a local hot spot, then Stonewall Tavern is the place for you. It is right near the stadium and is always packed pre and post game with OSU fans. They even offer a unique Orange Power Shot!

America's Greatest Homecoming

If at all possible, the best time to make it to an Oklahoma State University football game is the homecoming game. It is not nicknamed America’s greatest homecoming for no reason! The Friday before game day, the streets of Stillwater shut down for what’s called a Walkaround, which is a massive town block party for fans, students, alumni, and everyone in between.

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Spirit Rider Statue

This statue located outside of Boone Pickens Stadium pays tribute to the Spirit Rider and his trusty steed Bullet. Stop by and grab a picture on game day, so you’ll have a keepsake of one of Oklahoma State’s best traditions.

Heritage Hall

Located in the Gallagher-IBA Arena, Heritage Hall is the home to the rich history of OSU spirit and athletics. Containing everything from photos to actual, old school Oklahoma State University (once called Oklahoma A&M) gear, this hall is a must see for any college football fan.

Where to tailgate

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