1. The Waving Song

One of the most entrenched traditions at Oklahoma State is the waving song. During the pregame rituals, after touchdowns, and after victories, the Cowboy Marching Band plays the waving song while fans wave their right arm in the air, as wheat would swaying in the wind.

2. America's Greatest Homecoming

Known as one of the greatest weekends in college football, OSU’s Homecoming Week is one to be remembered. The town offers street painting, Walkaround (city streets are closed for a massive block party), and many other exciting events to participate in during Homecoming week/weekend.

3. Pistol Pete

Named and designed after a real, bonafide cowboy, Pistol Pete is the mascot for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. A group of students in 1923 saw Frank Eaton leading a parade and asked to use his likeness as the mascot. The history of Frank Eaton can be found here and is worth reading about. Pistol Pete the mascot has become a huge symbol for OSU fans, and he can often be seen around town, at sporting events, signing autographs, and even making wedding appearances.

4. Heritage Hall

Located in the Gallagher-IBA Arena, Heritage Hall is the home to the rich history of OSU spirit and athletics. Containing everything from photos to actual, old school Oklahoma State University (once called Oklahoma A&M) gear, this hall is a must see for any college football fan.

5. The Strip

The primary source of entertainment in Stillwater, OK is The Strip. The Strip offers something for everyone with a multitude of bars, restaurants, and even dance clubs. Some places are open late night for a snack after a night out, such as Coney Island which is open until 2 am. The Strip is southwest of the stadium, where University Ave. And Washington Street intersect.

6. The Range

The Range is the student tailgating section and is located right outside of Boone Pickens Stadium. Here you’ll find mostly most of the Greek life as well as other student organization tailgates at OSU. The lot is free to everyone, so make your way there if you’re looking to tailgate with fellow students.

7. Bedlam

The rivalry between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma is a fierce one as these two instate rivals flat out hate each other. The two schools compete in many sports although the annual football game between these two schools is the marquee event of the Bedlam Series. OSU and OU have been competing on the gridiron since 1904, and although OU holds a large lead in the all-time series, the Cowboys have been playing much better lately having taken two of the last four meetings.

8. Paddle People

One of the loudest sections in the stadium is without a doubt the fan section dubbed “the paddle people.” The west end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium is filled with fans who use wooden paddles to bang on the field’s sidewalls to amp up the crowd and players. The section had become so rowdy that recently the Big 12 changed the rules, and they are no longer allowed to “paddle” while the ball is in play but the rhythmic pounding is still an issue for the opposing offense.

9. OSU Spirit Rider

With its first appearance in 1984, the Spirit Rider has become one of the biggest traditions at Oklahoma State. The Spirit Rider leads the Spirit Walk, marches on the field with the OSU marching band, and rides Bullet to the 30-yard line after every touchdown.

10. The Walk

On game day, two hours and fifteen minutes before the start of the game, the Oklahoma Cowboys walk down Hester Street to Boone Pickens Stadium with Coach Gundy and the Spirit Rider leading the pack. Fans gather on both sides of the road to cheer on and amp up their Cowboys in preparation for the big game. Join in on this great tradition for a chance to show off your Cowboys spirit.

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