Despite being a relatively new football program Old Dominion has a very strong tailgate scene. On game days you’ll find fans littered all around campus dressed in slate blue and silver drinking, eating, and having fun as they prepare to cheer on the Monarchs to victory.

There is a strong sense of camaraderie between Monarchs fans, which you can see very clearly on game days. The fans here all are very welcoming to everyone regardless of your team affiliation, as Southern Hospitality is on full display when attending a game in Norfolk.

There is also plenty of Monarch’s pride on display as before the game you’ll be entertained by both the band and cheer team, who work everyone up into a frenzy. Put on your slate blue and silver and head on down to Foreman Field to experience one of the hidden gems of college football.


Big Blue Statue

Located in the Webb Center, this statue of the school’s lion mascot Big Blue is only a short walk from Foreman Field. On your way to the stadium stop by and snap a picture with this statue and don’t forget to rub its belly to give the Monarchs good luck on the field.

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Pregame Pep Rally

You won’t want to miss the band and cheer team’s pregame pep rally, which is an excellent way to get into the game day mood. The pep rally takes place a couple hours before the game and is a must-see for anyone tailgating at ODU.

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Kaufman Mall

The grassy area offers the perfect place to set up a tailgate. The lots around Foreman Field are donor lots, so Kaufman Mall offers the perfect place for those who don’t have a parking pass to tailgate. Here you’ll be able to set up a tent and grill and get in on the tailgate atmosphere that makes attending a Monarchs football game such a great experience.

Where to tailgate

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