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Matthew Knight Arena opened in 2011 to replace the historic McArthur Court. While Matthew Knight Arena, may not have the aura and history of McArthur Court it more than makes up for it with its sleek design.

One thing that carries over from McArthur Court to the new MKA is the Pit Crew. Whether it’s at the MKA or McArthur Court, the Pit Crew know how to show off their Ducks pride. The student section is filled with diehards who go all out to cheer on Oregon. The Pit Crew creates an excellent atmosphere throughout the game no matter what the score and do an outstanding job of getting in opponents heads as well.

The Oregon Basketball Band and the Green Garter Band also are a significant part of what makes attending an Oregon basketball game an awesome experience. Unlike a lot of schools, Oregon has not one but two bands. The Oregon Basketball Band plays the more traditional Oregon school songs while the Green Garter Band plays a variety of rock, funk, and hip-hop songs. Both bands put on an incredible show and give the MKA a unique atmosphere, so enjoy both when attending a Ducks basketball game.

The MKA is also home to the can’t miss Kilkenny Floor. The floor is named after former Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny and features a unique design you won’t find anywhere else. The design is called “Deep Woods” and honors the 1938-39 national championship side known as the “Tall Firs.” The one of a kind court is a must-see and a big part of any Ducks basketball game, so get a picture of it during your visit.

Finally, the MKA is located right on the edge of campus and is nearby several local eateries including Track Town Pizza. There are lots of bars and restaurants in Eugene to check out, so make the most of your trip and see all Eugene has to offer.

An Oregon basketball game is home to a lively crowd, two great bands, and a unique state of the art arena making it the perfect trip for any college basketball fan.

Things to check out

Kilkenny Floor

The floor at Matthew Knight Arena is named after former Oregon Athletic Director Pat Kilkenny and features an incredibly unique design called “Deep Woods.” The one of a kind court is a must-see for anyone making the trip to a Ducks basketball game and is a very memorable part of the visit.

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Concourse Walls

The concourse walls of Matthew Knight Arena are filled with pictures of former Oregon Ducks. The pictures are an excellent way to preserve the program’s history and give the arena a uniquely Oregon feel, so walk the concourse before the game and take it all in.

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A great way to show your support for Oregon is by showing off the “O” gesture. This gesture is created by pressing your forefinger and thumb together to form the shape of an O. The gesture originated as a band cue; however, it has become a popular gesture among fans since a picture of Joey Harrington making the gesture appeared on the front page of the Oregonian in 2001.

The Oregon Duck

Affectionately known as Puddles, the Oregon Duck goes all out to entertain the crowd. Puddles gets into all kinds of shenanigans during games, so keep your eyes peeled for him as you wouldn’t want to miss him.

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Oregon Basketball Band

The Oregon Basketball Band consists of 50 to 60 members and plays at every Ducks home basketball game. The band plays a variety of school songs and is a big part of any Oregon basketball game, so enjoy their musical stylings during your trip to Eugene.

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Green Garter Band

In addition to the traditional Oregon Basketball Band, you’ll also be treated to music played by the twelve member Green Garter Band. The Green Garter Band all kinds of music ranging from rock to funk and are a big part of what makes attending an Oregon basketball game so special. Listen to the Green Garter Band throughout the game as they keep the tempo high and the atmosphere electric with their tunes.

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Pit Crew

The Pit Crew are deafening make Matthew Knight Arena one of the toughest places for opponents to play. Oregon has long had one of the best home-court advantages in the nation thanks to the Pit Crew, so come prepared to get loud and join in on the fun when attending a Ducks game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Mighty Oregon”

    Official Oregon fight song

    Oregon, our Alma Mater
    We will guard thee on and on
    Let us gather round and cheer her
    Chant her glory Oregon
    Roar the praises of her warriors
    Sing the story Oregon
    On to victory urge the heroes
    Of our mighty Oregon!
    Go Ducks Go!
    Fight Ducks Fight!
    Win Ducks Win!

  2. Hey! Go Ducks!

    Hey, Go Ducks!
    Hey, Go Ducks!
    Hey, Go Ducks!

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