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The Beavers have been playing at Gill Coliseum since 1949 meaning there has been lots of history made inside the facility. You’ll also see plenty of history on display when attending a Beavers basketball game. Gill Coliseum is home to many Wall of Fames that show off all of the best players and moments in each Beaver sports team’s history. There are also lots of banners hanging around the arena featuring the accomplishments of the Beavers men’s basketball team.

In addition to the history on display, you’ll also experience a fun atmosphere when attending an Oregon State basketball game. The student section, known as The Dam, is a lively group and do a fantastic job of showing their support for the Beavers. The athletic department also does a great job of getting the student section involved in the action with contests and promotions throughout the game.

You’ll also find a variety of places to grab a drink or bite to eat before or after the game. Corvallis has a quaint college town feel and is a beautiful place to explore making the trip all that much more enjoyable.

An Oregon State basketball game is an excellent place to learn more about the history of Beavers athletics and home to a fun atmosphere making a trip to Corvallis well worth your time.

Things to check out

Wall of Fame

At Gill Coliseum each Oregon State varsity sport has its own Wall of Fame. The walls do an excellent job of showing off the Beavers’ history in each sport and are a must-see for any college sports fan. Arrive early and take a walk of the concourse to see all of the best players and moments in Oregon State athletics history.

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Gill Coliseum is home to many banners celebrating the rich history of Oregon State basketball. The banners honor the 1949 and 1963 Final Four teams as well as legends such as Gary Payton, so take it all in when attending a Beavers basketball game.

Benny Beaver

Benny Beaver has been the official Oregon State mascot since the early 1940s. He entertains fans young and old on the sideline during the game. He has even gained national recognition having won the 2011 Capital One Mascot of the Year write-in campaign and was also named to the Capital One All-American Mascot Team in 2012.

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OSU Pep Band

The Oregon State Pep Band is a big part of a Beavers basketball game and provide an excellent in-game atmosphere. The band puts on a great show performing many fan favorites including “Hail to OSU,” “Carry Me Back,” “Beer Barrel Polka,” and “Land of 1000, so enjoy their tunes when attending a Beavers basketball game.

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The Dam

The student section at an OSU basketball game is a lively one. The Beavers have a strong tradition featuring stars such as Gary Payton and A.C. Green, so Beavers fans have had a lot to cheer about over the years. Enjoy the atmosphere created by The Dam when attending a Beavers basketball game.

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Student Competitions

During halftime students from The Dam compete in a variety of different competitions. The contests range from shooting competitions to tractor races and are a fun part of any Oregon State basketball game. If you’re a student sign up for the competitions and get in on the action.

Fight Songs

  1. “Hail to the Old OSU”

    OSU’s fight song written by Harold A. Wilkins in 1914 and is a staple of any OSU sporting event. You’ll hear “Hail to the Old OSU” throughout the game, so learn the lyrics and sing along to show off your Beavers pride.

    Here we come with a toast and song
    for the college up on the hill,
    We love its shady slopes and trees,
    Its mem’ries cheer and thrill;
    But fondest thoughts when the years have run,
    Will be of teams and vict’ries won,
    Each man a loyal son, Hail to old O.A.C.

    O.A.C., our hats are off to you,
    Beavers, Beavers, fighters thru and thru,
    We’ll cheer for ev’ry man,
    We’ll root for ev’ry stand,
    that’s made for old O.A.C.
    Watch our team go tearing down the field,
    Men of iron, their strength will never yield.
    Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail!
    Hail to old O.A.C.

    We’ll rout hard for the baseball star
    who can knock out a long home run,
    And cheer the man who kicks the goal,
    That means the game is won;
    But mem’ries best in our Hall of Fame,
    Are for the man who’s always game,
    Win, lose, fights just the same,
    All for old O.A.C.

    (Repeat Chorus)

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