Oregon State has a great tailgate atmosphere, and all you need to do to join in on the action is park your car or RV and set up your party. You can bring a TV, a grill, and games and you’ll make friends with your tailgating neighbors fast. With an abundance of parking lots in various areas near the stadium, it turns Corvallis into Beavers fan territory before every home game. At games you can see alumni, longtime fans, parents, and students all having a great time as they prepare to cheer on the Beavers.

If coming to the game with your family one of the more family-friendly options is Fan Fest. At Fan Fest, you’ll find activities for kids and a pregame show that takes place 3 hours before kickoff. The OSU Alumni Center is also a great pre-game destination that offers food and drinks before the game. After grabbing a few drinks at the Alumni Center feel free to head on over to the Beaver Walk where you can see the team and coaching staff parade through Fan Fest.

Whether you set up a wild tailgate party of your own or are looking for something a little more low-key Oregon State has you covered as you’ll surely have a great time tailgating before a Beavers home game.


Beaver Walk

Two hours before the game, the team and coaching staff are dropped off at 30th St. and Ralph Miller Dr. They walk past the Truax Indoor Center to their locker room accompanied by the band, cheerleaders, and mascot. It’s a tradition that can’t be missed., so make sure to check it out during your visit to Corvallis.

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Glowing Football

Located outside the east entrance this wireframe sculpture features a football that is made out of Xs and triangles. This sculpture is a great meeting spot as it welcomes everyone to Reser Stadium.

Touchdown Tailgate Zone

At the Truax Indoor Center, this event opens three hours before kickoff and features a wide variety of local and regional food as well as beer and wine. The tailgate also has TVs with games from across the country, games in the Miller Lite area, and a chance to win door prizes. The OSU cheerleaders, dance team, and band perform as well.

CH2M Alumni Center Tailgater

For those who are life members of the OSU Alumni Association or part of the Orange and Black Club, there is a VIP tailgate experience every game day at the CH2M Alumni Center. It starts three hours before the game (no earlier than 10 am) and is free for members. It features wine, beer, and a buffet for purchase as well as a VIP room and big screen TVs.

Where to tailgate

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