Oregon’s recent success means that the fans show up early and in substantial numbers to tailgate here in Eugene. You’ll see plenty of people coming over four hours before kickoff to get the best spot and get their pre-game parties started early. The Ducks have sold out the last 100+ games, and it shows when attending an Oregon tailgate as you’ll find the parking lots packed to the brim with fans drinking and eating some of the most delicious food and beer you’ll find in the Pacific Northwest.

The parking lots outside of Autzen Stadium are a sea of green and yellow. If you want to fit in and make friends quickly, then the best way to do so is by donning the green and yellow yourself. The love for the Ducks bonds everyone together at Oregon games creating a great feeling of community. If you’re a fan of the visiting team though you may not feel this camaraderie as Ducks fans, while mostly friendly may throw a few friendly jeers your way.


March to Victory

If you want to get in the Duck spirit head on down to the March to Victory where you’ll be able to cheer on the players, coaches, cheerleaders, band, and the Duck himself as they march to the Oregon locker room. This tradition occurs two hours before kickoff, so join in and get your Ducks game day started off on the right foot.

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Zen North

Before the 2013 season the outside of the north end of the stadium got a makeover that features 474 LED light fixtures, 306 large trees, five giant pyramids, and six miles of irrigation drainage. The pyramid panels each feature a prominent player from Oregon football history, and the pyramids collectively look like a studded dog collar around the stadium. The display even has a line of poles that represent each game played at Autzen; the yellow ones symbolize wins, and the losses are painted with the color of the rival who defeated the Ducks. Check out this great homage to Ducks football before you enter the stadium.

Hall of Champions

Located on the second floor of the Casanova Center, the Hall of Champions showcases the University of Oregon’s greatest athletes, team achievements, and sports moments. The display can be viewed for free and is open four hours before the start of every home football game.

Mo Tailgate Center

The Ed Moshofsky Sports Center opens three hours before kickoff on game day to allow fans the opportunity to take in live radio broadcasts, music, and dance performances. You can also find a wide variety of food, beer, and wine at the Mo Center, so stop by for a drink before entering the stadium.

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Essig Field

Opening up four hours before kickoff Essig Field serves as a food court and beer garden on Ducks game days. Admission is free to everyone, so stop by to grab a few drinks or catch up on all the action going on around college football.

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Where to tailgate

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