1. Sens Army Section

The Sens Army Section is the most raucous section in the Canadian Tire Centre. Located in section 312, the Sens Army are encouraged to wear red and black, bang drums, and play noise makers. If you want to cheer on the Sens as hard as possible, then get tickets in the Sens Army Section.

2. Senators Murals

Throughout the concourses of the Canadian Tire Centre, you’ll see several murals paying tributes to the franchise’s history. There are murals of various Senators greats including Daniel Alfredsson, so check them all out.

3. Stanley Cup and Retired Number Banners

Check out the banners hanging from the rafters honoring the Stanley Cups won by the former Ottawa Senators franchise and the current Senators retired numbers. These banners do a fantastic job of showcasing Ottawa’s pro hockey history and are a must-see for any hockey fan.

4. Lyndon Slewidge

Former Ontario Provincial Police Constable Lyndon Slewidge sings the national anthem before every game. Get to your seat in time for the national anthem to hear Slewidge before the game.

5. Sens Store

Those of you looking to pick up a souvenir to commemorate your trip to Ottawa will find whatever you’re looking for at the Sens Store. The Sens Store has

6. Spartacat

Spartacat has been the official mascot of the Ottawa Senators since the franchise’s inception in 1992. At games you’ll see him entertaining the crowd with a variety of antics and promotions, so keep an eye out for him.

7. Live Music

At Sens games you’ll always hear live music, which sometimes includes traditional Scottish music from the ‘Sons of Scotland Pipe Band.” Highland dancers typically accompany these Scottish musicians, so don’t miss them during your trip to Ottawa.

8. Chek Point

Chek Point, located near section 120, is the perfect place to hang out after a Friday or Saturday night game. It’s home to the New Country 94 After Party meaning you won’t have to go home when the game is over.

9. Alumni Lounge

Reserve your spot at the Alumni Lounge for your chance to meet former Senators players. The Alumni Lounge offers a casual dining experience and self-serve food making it a great place to eat before the game.

10. Scotiabank Skaters

Before every Sens game, youth hockey players carry team flags onto the ice. The skating of the flags brings everyone in the arena to their feet and is an excellent way for young fans to get up close to their heroes, so be in attendance for this fun tradition.

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