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The Red Sox are a big part of the culture in New England, and it’s no different in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, which is home to the Sox’s Triple-A affiliate. Everywhere you go, you’ll see fans in Red Sox gear, and with no surprise, McCoy Stadium is usually packed when the PawSox are in town.

Being that baseball and the Red Sox are such a big part of life in Pawtucket, you won’t find a lot of the gimmicks you’ll find at other minor league ballparks at McCoy Stadium. The fans in the stands here are much more diehard and knowledgeable, and to many, the thrill of watching the PawSox comes from seeing future Red Sox stars in action. Over the years, the PawSox have graduated some of the Red Sox best players including Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, and Nomar Garciaparra among others.

During your trip to Pawtucket, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see the murals hanging around McCoy Stadium. The murals show off the PawSox rich history and honor the best players who have played for the team over the years.

Finally, if you’re an autograph hound come prepared as the stands are eight feet above the field meaning you’ll have to literally fish for autographs. Bring a bucket or milk carton on a rope to enable players to sign your program or baseball.

Baseball fans in Pawtucket live and breathe for baseball, the PawSox, and the Red Sox, so you’ll have an excellent time when taking in a game at McCoy Stadium.

Things to check out


Take a walk around McCoy Stadium to see all the murals hanging around the park. The murals celebrate some of the greatest players in Red Sox history including Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens, so make sure to see them all.

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Ben Mondor’s Memorabilia

If you’re fortunate enough to be sitting in a luxury box, then make sure to take some time to view longtime owner Ben Mondor’s collection of personal memorabilia.

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Fishing for Autographs

The first row of the stands are about eight feet above the field and, as a result, you’ll see fans literally fishing for autographs from their favorite players. Fans arrive early to line up and lower their homemade fishing poles to their heroes before the game, so come prepared if you want to secure a signature from your favorite player.

Paws and Sox

Don’t miss the PawSox mascots Paws and Sox when taking in a game at McCoy Stadium. You won’t want to miss the shenanigans these two get into or the opportunity to give them a high-five so keep an eye out for them during the game.

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Run the Bases After Sunday Games

Take your kids to Sunday home games for their chance to run the bases. There’s nothing more fun for young fans than running bases after the game making Sundays the perfect time to attend a PawSox game.

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