McCoy Stadium is home to free parking and several tailgate party options meaning you’ll want to arrive early when taking in a game here. The parking at McCoy Stadium and along nearby Division Street, Ashton Street, and Delta Drive is free, so make sure to get here early to secure your spot. If for some reason you don’t get a free spot, don’t fret as you’ll be able to park at Quebec World for $2.00.

Those of you who are bringing a group of 30 or more to the game won’t want to miss the opportunity to hold a part at the Pre-Game Indoor Tailgate area or the Pre-Game Party Terrace. Both are excellent places to host family, friends, and co-workers, so reserve your spot today.

If you aren’t bringing a huge group to the game but still want to enjoy the experience of eating at the stadium before the game, then take advantage of the barbeque tent areas. Here you’ll be able to enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for only $29 a person making it the perfect pre-game destination for those who want to tailgate, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting everything up.

You’ll have a fun time pregaming before a PawSox game, so arrive early and make the most out of your trip to Pawtucket.


Ben Mondor Statue

Take some time to view the statue of Ben Mondor before entering McCoy Stadium. The statue is a must-see for any longtime PawSox fan as it honors International League and Red Sox Hall of Famer Ben Mondor, who bought the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1977 and turned the franchise into one of the most successful in the International League.

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Where to tailgate

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