1. White Out

One of the coolest traditions comes in the form of the white out.  Everyone in the stadium throws on as many white pieces of clothing they have and makes the crowd look like a blanket of fresh snow.  It’s truly an impressive site and can be very distracting to the opposition. When attending a game at Penn State make sure to wear white so that you can take part in this great game day tradition.

2. Nittanyville

If you want to ensure you get a great spot for the game, you may want to arrive early and stake your claim in Nittanyville.  This Penn State University club is dedicated to camping out days before the game. Students who are a part of this club can leave the line to go to class, but they must stay in their tent outside Gate A at night to hold their spot and has become a big part of game day for PSU students.

3. All-Sports Museum

Located in the Southwest corner of the stadium is the All-Sports Museum and celebrates the success of Penn State University athletics. The museum is filled with memorabilia highlighting the best Penn State teams and student-athletes and is open to the general public on the weekends.

4. S-Zone

This section behind the end zone is given white and blue shirts to create an “S” in the student section. In the S zones, the school’s mascot will jump into the stands and crowd surf across the section as well. The student section at Penn State games has a blast and will surely entertain you when attending a game at Beaver Stadium.

5. Street Fest Fan Zone

If you’re looking for a more organized spot for tailgate fun, look no further than the Street Fest Fan Zone.  The Penn State Sports Network pre-game radio show broadcasts live from this organized tailgate, which offers food from various vendors and interactive games. It opens three hours before kickoff along Curtin Road between University Drive and Porter Road.

6. Tunnel Entrance

This Penn State tradition involves the head coach leading the team from the south side of the stadium to a closed metal gate that reads “PENN STATE.” Upon the team’s arrival, the Nittany Lion will open the gate and motion for the team to walk through as if welcoming them to their battleground.

7. Zombie Nation

After a big play by the Lions, Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation is played over the PA system while the entire Penn State crowd waves their rally towels/shakers and shouts “WE ARE PENN STATE!” The crowd also bounces up and down and chants ooooh oooh oooh during Zombie Nation making the entire stadium shake. When you hear this song you know you’re going to get to experience Beaver Stadium’s electric atmosphere.

8. PSU Letters

In 2006, the stadium added large blue lettering to spell out “The Pennsylvania State University” outside of the suites. Underneath the letters are a list of Penn State’s undefeated, national championship, and Big Ten championship years to honor the massive success of the Nittany Lions.

9. Fast and Slow Wave

The student section will initiate a slow wave and increase the speed after each pass during football games inside Beaver Stadium. This great tradition gets the crowd energized and gives you an idea of how well the Nittany Lions are doing.

10. Pitt Rivalry

The Panthers and Nittany Lions have been battling for Keystone state supremacy since 1893 when Penn State beat Pitt 32-0. The first meeting would be a sign of things to come as Penn State holds 50-42-4 all-time lead. The rivalry was once regarded as the fiercest in the northern half of the country. However, the rivalry lost a bit of steam recently as it has been dormant from 2000 to 2016. The Nittany Lions will look to pick up the W when the two rivals meet next.

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