1. Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion

Phillies fans love Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion. The full-service bar is the best place in the ballpark to get a drink and a great place to talk ball with fellow Phillies fans as well. The one drawback is that you need a ticket to enter, so make sure to buy tickets to Frenchy’s Tiki Pavilion when attending a Phillies spring training game.

2. Autographs

The best place to get an autograph from your favorite Phillie before the game is in Sections 118-120. The majority of players sign autographs here making it easy for you to get quite a few signatures before the game. If you want to get an autograph from a visiting player, make your way to Section 104 near their dugout. You can also get autographs outside the ballpark by waiting around the black fence by the player parking lot after the game. Additionally, those of you with tickets in the Picnic Terrace will want to get some autographs from the players as they walk by you on their way to and from the clubhouse.

3. The Ace

Before entering the ballpark, make sure to get a picture with the statue outside titled “The Ace.” “The Ace” is a must-see for anyone attending a Phillies spring training game, so don’t miss it during your visit.

4. Kids Zone

Take your kids to the Kids Zone at Spectrum Field during the game. The Kids Zone in left field is an excellent place to let the kids work out their excess energy and features a playground as well as a kids-specific concession stand.

5. Lenny's Restaurant

Lenny’s Restaurant is located about a block from Spectrum Field on Route 19 and is filled with Phillies fans before the game. Fightin’ fans love grabbing a cup of coffee here or some breakfast before heading to the park, so stop by and be a part of the fun.

6. Outfield Berm

One of the best ways to watch a Phillies spring training game is from the outfield berm. The outfield berm allows you to sit back in the grass and enjoy a beautiful day as well as some Phillies baseball. The berm also puts you right on top of the bullpens thanks to their location within the stadium.

7. Phillies Practices

Phillies practices before the Grapefruit League starts, as well as minor league practices, are held at the Carpenter Complex and typically start at 10 am. When attending a Phillies spring training game, you’ll see the majority of the big league team doing their pre-game workouts inside the stadium. There are usually some players who are less likely to make the team taking batting practice on the fields near the stadium as well.

8. Diamond Outfitters

Diamond Outfitters is located next to the West Game and is the best place to buy a souvenir at the game. You’ll find an incredible variety of Phillies merchandise here, so stop by and check out Diamond Outfitters.

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