1. River End

The River End is home to the most diehard supporters at any Union match. The supporter groups all make their home in the River End, so join a group and be a part of the loudest and wildest section at any Philadelphia Union match.

2. Sons of Ben Tailgate

If you want to tailgate with the Union’s largest supporter group, then get a ticket for the Sons of Ben Tailgate. You’ll meet tons of diehard Union fans here and enjoy some excellent food and drinks, so get your ticket today.

3. Bearfight Brigade

Another great supporter group tailgate to join is the Bearfight Brigade tailgate. Meet up with the fans surrounding the long table and join in the festivities.

4. Philadelphia Union-New York Red Bulls Rivalry

New York and Philadelphia have a fierce rivalry in a variety of sports, and it’s no different when it comes to soccer. The two cities don’t care for each other much and are within 100 miles of each other creating a fun match day atmosphere whenever the New York Red Bulls and the Philadelphia Union meet.

5. View of the Commodore Barry Bridge

Subaru Park offers an outstanding view of the Commodore Barry Bridge. Take in the beautiful sight and get a picture to remember your trip to a Union match.

6. Soccer Memorabilia on the Concourse

All around the concourse you’ll find various pieces of soccer memorabilia. The memorabilia does an excellent job of telling the story of Philadelphia’s soccer history, so take a stroll around the concourse before the match and take it all in.

7. Colombian Contingent Tailgate

The Union’s Colombian contingent offers a unique tailgate experience that is unlike anything else found outside Subaru Park. Here you’ll find salsa music and lots of tequila, so check it out.

8. Philadelphia Union-D.C. United Rivalry

Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are separated by only 120 miles, which has helped foster a strong rivalry between United and the Union. Both clubs’ fans travel well to the matchups creating an intense atmosphere whenever the two get together.

9. Union Fan Store

If you want to pick up some Union gear, then there is no better place to do so than the Union fan store. Here you’ll find just about any Union merchandise you could ever want, so stop by and check it out.

10. Chickie’s & Pete’s

No trip to Philadelphia is complete without some of Chickie’s & Pete’s famous crab fries. Stop by their stand inside Subaru Park  to grab this Philly staple.

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