1. Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo has earned a reputation as one of the rowdiest student sections in college basketball. The student section has been profiled by many national news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. The Zoo creates an incredible in-game atmosphere, so enjoy the high energy and cheers coming from the student section when attending a Pitt basketball game.

2. McCarl Panthers Hall of Champions

Learn more about the history of Pitt athletics by stopping by the McCarl Panthers Hall of Champions. The Hall of Champions features exhibits on a variety of Pitt sports and is a must-see for any college sports fan visiting the Petersen Events Center.

3. Panther Statue

Outside The Pete is one of the several panther statues found around the Pitt campus. Snap a pic with the statue and try and locate the rest around campus when visiting Pitt.

4. Official University Yell

Pitt is the only school with an official yell as part of the chorus in one of its fight songs. The yell is in the fight song Hail to Pitt and is a reference to W.A. Johnston’s Official University Yell. When attending a Pitt Panthers game bring your vocal chords as you’ll need them to take part in this unique game day tradition.

5. Trophy Displays

Check out the men’s and women’s basketball trophy displays to see all of the hardware won by the Panthers over the years. Here you can see a wide variety of trophies and other memorabilia making it a must-see for Panthers fans.

6. Pitt Stadium Scoreboard

The scoreboard from Pitt Stadium is located in the lobby of the Petersen Events Center, so check it out as you enter the arena. The Pete stands where Pitt Stadium used to be, and the scoreboard is a nice call back to the former home of the Pitt football team.

7. Roc the Panther

You can spot the lovable Roc the Panther at every Pitt basketball game. He entertains the crowd with his shenanigans and gives high fives to fans young and old, so don’t miss him when attending a Pitt game.

8. Banners

The Pete is home to banners honoring all of best Panthers basketball teams over the years including the program’s Premo-Porretta and two Helms national championships. Take a peek at the banners to remember all of the best moments in Pitt basketball history.

9. Panthers Team Store

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir then make sure to stop by the Panthers Team Store. You’ll find a wide variety of merchandise here, so no matter what you’re looking for you won’t walk away empty-handed.

10. Opposing Player Introductions

During the introduction of the opposing team, members of the Oakland Zoo chant, “sucks” or “he sucks too” after each player is introduced. Join in on the chant to show your displeasure for the opposing team and to get in their heads.

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