Tailgating at Pirates games takes place in the lots between Heinz Field and PNC Park. Most fans bring the usual essentials, the grills, bag sets, plenty of beers, and a stereo.  It’s a pretty basic affair mostly just people taking the opportunity to soak up the midsummer sun in the middle of the city with about as many hot dogs as you can fit on a grill.  

Many fans take the opportunity to walk down by the river in the back of the stadium where there are areas to grab concessions, get a little exercise, and do some sightseeing in before you hit the game.

Another recommendation is to take a look at our bars and restaurant list and hit some of the local spots for Pittsburgh favorites like a Primanti Brothers monster sandwich.  The bar list will show you great places to run into fans on the way to the game, step in the AC if you want and grab some cold draft beers and some hot food before watching the Pirates take the field.  


Statues Outside Entrance

There are five entrances into PNC Park, and four of them feature massive statues in front of them, honoring Pirates legends such as Roberto Clemente and Willie “Pops” Stargell. Walk around the stadium and see all of them before entering the park.

Federal Street

Federal Street presents a pre-game block party full of food, drinks, and family entertainment near PNC Park. If you’re looking for something to do before a Pirates game, then stop by Federal Street for a good time.

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Roberto Clemente Museum

The Roberto Clemente Museum is a must-see for any baseball fan. Clemente’s legacy is one that has and will continue to go down in history as both a great humanitarian and one of the greatest right fielders to play the game.

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Where to tailgate

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