1. Terrible Towel

The creation of the Terrible Towel is credited to former Steelers radio announcer Myron Cope. The towels provided the Steelers the extra boost necessary to go on and win the Super Bowl in 1975. The towel’s popularity has only grown since then and become one of the most popular Steeler traditions. Get your Terrible Towel and be prepared to wave it as you cheer on the Steelers to victory.

2. History

The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the richest histories in the National Football League. Not only are they the fifth oldest team in the league, but they also have the distinction of being the only team to have ever won six Super Bowls. The Steelers rich history along with their great fans make attending a Steelers game a one of a kind NFL game day experience.

3. Fantastic View

Heinz Field offers fans an incredible view of the Allegheny River and downtown Pittsburgh. Take in all the sights and sounds while cheering on the Steelers including the incredible view of the Pittsburgh skyline Heinz Field offers you.

4. Heinz Field Concessions

Not only does Heinz Field offer a great deal of traditional stadium fare, but you’ll also find plenty of local favorites including the Primanti Bros. signature sandwich. The prices also won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet as you can get a beer for $8.50. Regardless of whether you want to try some traditional Pittsburgh cuisine or are of the less adventurous variety Heinz Field has great concessions for you.

5. The Great Hall

The Great Hall on the east side of features a plethora of Steelers and Pitt Panthers memorabilia. Here you can see the six replica Super Bowl trophies and the actual lockers of all-time Steelers greats such as Franco Harris and Joe Greene. The Great Hall is a must see for any Steelers or football fan out there.

6. Sellout Streak

One of the most impressive aspects of a Steelers game is the fact that the Steelers have sold out every game since 1972. Make history when attending a Steelers game by helping extend this impressive streak.

7. 1st-IN-GOAL

The 1st-IN-GOAL promotion encourages fans to get to the game early and enjoy the pregame festivities. The first 25,000 fans in the stadium receive a scratch-off lottery ticket, and if you manage to be within the first 5,000, you’ll get a Steelers Nation United Terrible Towel. Get to the game early so that you can get the most out of your Steelers game day.

8. Here We Go Steelers

The “Here We Go Steelers” chant is a Steelers game staple that can be heard not only at Heinz Field but also all throughout the nation. In fact, the cheer is so popular that it even became a song in 1994. Be ready to belt out “Here We Go Steelers” as you cheer on the Steelers to victory.

9. Steelers Songs

Here We Go” isn’t the only popular song at Steelers games, other fan favorites include ”Steelers Polka,” “Black and Yellow,” and “Renegade.” Regardless of what song is playing Steelers fans always show off their pride and root hard for their team.

10. Local Beers

If attending a Steelers’ tailgate one thing you need to know is what kind of beer to bring. Here in Steeler country, you can’t go wrong with any local brew such as IC Light, Yuengling, or Rolling Rock. Bring the right beer, and you’ll fit in with all the rest of the Yinzers as you cheer on the Steelers to victory.

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