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The biggest racing event of the year at the Portland International Raceway is the Rose Cup Races, which have taken place every year since 1961. The Rose Cup Races are a must-see for any racing fan in Portland as they feature a variety of different race types that are a can’t miss for anyone who loves cars. Make sure to come out and see the spectacle if you’re in the Portland area during July as it’s the biggest racing event in Portland.

The Rose Cup Races aren’t the only time to see some great racing action at the Portland International Raceway. The PIR also is home to several fantastic vintage races and car shows. Both the Portland Vintage Racing Festival and the All British Field Meet are can’t miss events for any vintage car enthusiasts.

Those of you who want to get into driving will also find a lot to do at the Portland International Raceway. The Speedway offers you the opportunity to put your car on the track in a variety of different races as well as several driving schools that will appear to any wannabe racecar driver.

Lastly, being that this is Portland, there are several bicycle races held at the track each week throughout the summer. The races take place on Mondays and Tuesdays and are an excellent opportunity to take part in, or at the very least watch, bicycle racing.

Portland International Raceway provides racing fans with some unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else, so come for a visit and experience racing the Portland way.

Things to check out

SCCA Racing

If you enjoy SCCA racing, then the Portland International Raceway is the place for you. The PIR is home to several SCCA racing events during the year and is an excellent place to take in a race. Just check the calendar to see when the SCCA comes to town.
Drag Racing - The Portland International Raceway offers you plenty of opportunities to catch some drag racing throughout the season. The raceway offers several types of drag racing including Late Night Drags and NHRA ET Drags. If you love drag racing, then you’ll love visiting the Portland International Raceway.

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Bicycle Races

This is Portland so it should come as no surprise, but the Portland International Raceway offers bicycle races as well as auto races. Bicycle races are a unique event that you won’t see at too many other racetracks, so if you don’t like the noise of your typical auto race, then check out the bike races that take place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Put Your Car on the Track

The Portland International Raceway offers you a variety of ways to get involved in the race yourself. No matter what your skill level you’ll find some way for you to get involved as the PIR offers all kinds of racing experiences ranging from karting to drag racing and much more.

Driving Classes

If you want to learn how to race, then check out the driving classes offered by the Portland International Raceway. The PIR is home to a racing school, high-performance driving course, and a car control course. You can learn a wide variety of driving skills at the PIR driving classes, so check them all out.

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