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Providence Park opened in 1926 making it one of the most historic venues in the FCS. The stadium oozes history and over the years has hosted many major events. As a result, the stadium has an aura to it that any sports fan would enjoy, making a trip to Providence Park for a Portland State football game a must for any FCS football fan.

In addition to the history that you’ll feel at Providence Park, you’ll also enjoy the performances of the Portland State spirit groups throughout the game. The pep band will keep you, and the rest of the crowd pumped up with their music, and you won’t want to miss the routines of Victor E. Viking, the cheerleaders, or the dance team.

Providence Park is a fun place to take in a college football game, and if you want to enjoy a classic venue, then you can’t beat a trip to Providence Park.

Things to check out

Family Fun Zone

Located under the video board, the Family Fun Zone is the perfect place to take the kids before or during the game. The Family Fun Zone features a wide variety of kids activities, so make sure to check it out.

Providence Park and Timbers History

In addition to being the home of the Vikings Providence Park is also the oldest stadium in Major League Soccer and the home of the Portland Timbers. Check out the historical displays around the concourse to learn more about the Timbers and their history. The displays do an incredible job of showcasing the history of both the club and the venue, so enter the stadium early and take them all in.

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Portland State Pep Band

The Portland State Pep Band fires up the crowd with their tunes and creates a fun atmosphere inside Providence Park. No Vikings game would be complete without the pep band, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Victor E. Viking

Be on the lookout for Portland State’s mascot Victor E. Viking. He performs all kinds of stunts at games, and if you see him on the concourse make sure to give him a high five.


Join the cheerleaders as they try and help propel the Vikings to victory. The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd, making them a can’t-miss part of any game.

Dance Team

Don’t miss the dance team’s performances during the game. The dance team will dazzle you with their routines, so don’t leave your seat when you see them take the field.

Fight Songs

  1. Fight for Portland State

    Fight, fight, fight for Portland State,
    On to victory,
    Fight, fight, fight for Portland State,
    Mighty men are we,
    On, oh, Viking, down the field,
    Score and win the game,
    Let them know we never die,
    We cheer for Viking Fame.

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