The Portland State Vikings play at Providence Park in downtown Portland meaning you won’t find as much traditional tailgating here as you will elsewhere. However, you will find lots of great bars and restaurants to grab a drink or bite to eat at. A Portland State pregame is perfect for those of you who love to go to the bars before the game, and even if you prefer traditional tailgating, you’ll still find plenty here to keep you entertained.

One of the best bars to check out before the game is The Cheerful Bullpen, which is located a block from the stadium. The Cheerful Bullpen features everything you’d want in a sports bar, and you’ll also find a block party atmosphere right outside of it on Vikings game days.

Those of you who want more traditional tailgating will want to reserve a spot in the tailgate lot at SW 18th and Salmon. Here you’ll be able to grill out with fellow Vikings fans. Spaces go quickly though, so make sure to reserve your spot well in advance.

Finally, don’t miss the Vik Walk before the game. The Vik Walk takes place two and a half hours before the game and is a fantastic way to get into the game day spirit as you’ll join the football team and cheerleaders as they make their way to the stadium.

Get to Providence Park early and enjoy all the pregame festivities surrounding a Vikings game to get the most out of your trip to Portland.


Vik Walk

The Vik Walk takes place two and a half hours before kickoff and is your chance to see your favorite Vikings up close. The Portland State football team, cheer squad, and fans make their way up SW Taylor to Providence Park during the Vik Walk, so join in and make your way to the stadium with the team.

Facing the Crowd

Michael Stutz’s Facing the Crowd consists of two sculptures outside Providence Park. The faces depict a laughing man and a smiling boy and are a must-see for anyone attending a game at Providence Park. See both sculptures and snap a picture with them to commemorate your trip to Portland.

Providence Park Main Entrance and Marquee

Before entering Providence Park, stop by and check out the marquee at the main entrance. The old-fashioned marquee features today’s matchup as well as the team’s upcoming schedule.

Where to tailgate

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