1. Timber Joey

After every Timbers goal, Timber Joey celebrates the occasion by slicing off a piece of log in front of the crowd. The celebration is one of the most famous traditions in Major League Soccer and something every MLS fan needs to witness live at least once.

2. Timbers Army

Timbers Army is one of the most passionate and dedicated supporter groups in Major League Soccer. At Timbers game, this comes to light as they put on incredible displays that alone are worth the price of admission. If you want to get the full Timbers game day experience, then join the Timbers Army.

3. Facing the Crowd

Michael Stutz’s Facing the Crowd consists of two sculptures outside Providence Park. The faces depict a laughing man and a smiling boy and are a must-see for anyone attending a match at Providence Park. See both sculptures and snap a picture with them to commemorate your trip to Portland.

4. Providence Park Main Entrance and Marquee

Before entering Providence Park, stop by and check out the marquee at the main entrance. The old-fashioned marquee features today’s matchup as well as the team’s upcoming schedule.

5. Providence Park and Timbers History

Providence Park is the oldest stadium in Major League Soccer, and the Timbers are one of the oldest teams in the league, so check out the historical displays around the concourse. They do an incredible job of showcasing the history of both the club and the venue, so enter the stadium early and take them all in.

6. Cheerful Bullpen

The Cheerful Bullpen offers one of the best sports bar experiences in the Portland area and is a great place to grab a drink before attending a Timbers match. You’ll find lots of Timbers fans here on game days, so stop by and have a drink with your fellow supporters.

7. Portland Timbers-Seattle Sounders Rivalry

The rivalry between the Timbers and Sounders is one of the best in MLS. The Timbers-Sounders dates back to the original North American Soccer League making it one of the oldest rivalries in the league as well. The two teams have played in many memorable clashes over the years, and in 2004 the Cascadia Cup was added to the fray increasing the bragging rights on the line between these two. If you can only make it to one Timbers match a year, then make sure to be in attendance when the Timbers and Sounders square off.

8. Marathon Taverna

Marathon Taverna is located within five minutes of Providence Park and offers an excellent spot to grab some drinks before the match. The pub is home to a fantastic atmosphere on match days, so stop in and have a drink.

9. Timbers Team Store

If you want to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Portland, then stop by the Timbers team store. The team store offers a variety of Timbers gear including jerseys, pennants, shirts, caps, and much more, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

10. Thirsty Lion

The Thirsty Lion is a favorite spot among Timbers fans, and hosts watch parties for every Timbers away game. The Timbers are fully entrenched in the culture of this bar, so you know you’ll see lots of fellow fans here on match days

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