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In 2016, the Panthers replaced their old dilapidated stadium with a brand new facility significantly improving the in-game experience at Prairie View A&M games. The new stadium provides one of the best places to watch a game in the SWAC and is a treat for any longtime Panthers fans. The new facility itself is worth the trip to Prairie View as it provides you with an incredible viewing experience that any SWAC football fan would enjoy.

In addition to a brand new stadium, Panthers games also boast one of the band in the country and an incredible dance team. Both groups steal the shows with their performances, and while you may come to the game for the football, the Marching Storm Band and Panther Dolls are what will want you coming back for more.

Finally, Prairie View A&M has an extremely passionate fan base that goes all out to support the team on game days. Whether it’s a nonconference game or the Labor Day classic, Panthers fans come out in large numbers to cheer on their team to victory creating a great in-game atmosphere.

Prairie View A&M games are a fantastic experience for any college football fan, so plan your trip to Prairie View today.

Things to check out

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Marching Storm Band

The Marching Storm Band is a must-see part of any Prairie View A&M football game. The band is one of the best around, and their performances are worth the price of admission all on their own. You may come to a Prairie View A&M game for the football, but you’ll stay for the Marching Storm Band.

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Panther Dolls

The Marching Storm Band isn’t the only group that puts on a show-stopping performance, the Panther Dolls are also fantastic. The Panther Dolls will dazzle you with their routines all throughout the game, so take notice when they take center stage.

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PVAMU Cheerleaders

The PVAMU Cheerleaders will get you up on your feet and cheering with their routines. You won’t be able to help but join in the cheers and chants of the cheerleaders, so come prepared to get loud and show your support for the Panthers.

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Fans, especially young fans, love the Panthers’ mascot, so keep an eye out for him at the game. The mascot gets into all kinds of antics during the game and if you see him on the concourse make sure to give him a high five.

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Fight Songs

  1. Dear Prairie View

    Alma Mater

    Dear Prairie View, our song to thee we raise
    In gratitude, we sing our hymn of praise,
    For mem’ries dear, for friends and recollections,
    For lessons learned while here we’ve lived with thee,
    For these we pledge our hearts full of devotion,
    To serve thee now, and through eternity.

    As days go by, our hearts will not grow cold,
    We’ll love thy purple royal and thy gold,
    We’ll through our lives exemplify thy teachings,
    We’ll always strive a blessing to be.
    The children we our love and pride confessing,
    We’ll love thee now, and through eternity.

  2. Mighty Panthers

    We’re the Mighty Panthers
    We are Panthers until we die
    We’re Mighty Mighty Panthers
    And I’ll tell you that ain’t no lie
    We’re the Marching Panthers
    We are Panthers until we die
    We’re Mighty Marching Panthers,
    And I’ll tell you that ain’t no lie


  3. Cheer For Prairie View

    Fight Song

    Cheer for Prairie View
    Cheer for the purple and gold
    Let’s cheer them on
    Till they make a score.
    Get the ball and score some more
    Cheer for Prairie View
    Cheer for the purple and gold
    We’re marching on once more
    Till we make the score
    For a VICTORY!

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