1. Bill Bradley and Dick Kazmaier Statues

Bradley and Kazmaier are the two most famous athletes in Tigers history, so stop by and snap a picture with the statues of these legends. The statues are must-sees for any college sports fan, especially Princeton fans.

2. Heisman Trophy

Located in the lobby of Jadwin Gymnasium, Dick Kazmaier’s Heisman Trophy is a can’t miss for anyone attending a Tigers basketball game. A trip to Princeton is an excellent opportunity for you to see a Heisman Trophy up close, so make sure to check it out during your visit. 


3. Princeton-Penn Rivalry

Princeton and Penn are the two most successful basketball programs in the Ivy League and as a result, have developed a fierce rivalry over the years. The rivalry is particularly intense since the Ivy League typically only receives one NCAA Tournament bid each year giving each and every matchup extra importance. There is always a lot at stake when the Tigers and Quakers square-off, so make sure to be in attendance when Penn comes to Jadwin Gymnasium.


4. Jadwin Jungle

The Jadwin Jungle is the largest student group on campus and home to the loudest and most dedicated fans at any Tigers basketball game. The students get into the heads of opponents with their cheers and antics and are a big part of any Princeton basketball game, so enjoy the noise they create during your visit to Jadwin Gymnasium.

5. Tiger Statue

Snap a picture with the bronze tiger statue in the lobby. The statue offers a great photo op and a picture with the impressive statue is a nice keepsake to remember your trip to Princeton.

6. Trophy Case

The Heisman Trophy isn’t the only award on display at Jadwin Gymnasium. The trophy case features tons of accolades won by Princeton athletes over the years, so stop by and see them all during your trip.

7. Princeton-Harvard Rivalry

The hatred between Princeton and Harvard may not be as strong as it is between Princeton and Penn, but the Crimson’s recent success on the court has made Princeton-Harvard one of the best matchups in the league. If you want to see a hard-fought contest at Jadwin Gymnasium, then a Princeton-Harvard game is a must-see.

8. The Tiger

Keep an eye out for the Princeton mascot when attending a Tigers basketball game. The Tiger gets into all kinds of shenanigans and is beloved by all Princeton fans. Don’t miss the Tiger when taking in a game at Jadwin Gymnasium.


9. Banners

The Tigers have several banners hanging above the court honoring the best teams and players in Princeton basketball history. The crown jewel of these banners is the Tigers 1965 Final Four banner. Take in all the banners to remember your favorite Princeton basketball memories from over the years.

10. Princeton-Rutgers Rivalry

Princeton has played in-state rivals Rutgers, more than any other non-conference opponent making a Princeton-Rutgers game a great time to see the Tigers play. The two New Jersey-based schools have played 120 times, and there is plenty of animosity between the two programs, so don’t miss it when Princeton and Rutgers meet on the hardwood.

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