When attending a Princeton Tigers game, make sure to arrive here early so you can tailgate before the game. Tailgating at Princeton starts three hours before kickoff and is an excellent way to relax with friends and spend some time before the game. Whether you love to grill, drink, or just hang out, you’ll have a lot of fun tailgating before a Princeton Tigers game.

Princeton offers plenty of room to tailgate as there are both reserved spots and non-reserved spots available to fans. If you’re just looking to grill out with a few friends, then you can just show up, park, and have fun. The reserved tailgating option though is perfect for holding a group event as it provides you with everything you need for a fantastic tailgate bash including tents, tables, chairs, and even grills.

Tailgating before a Tigers game is a great way to spend an afternoon, so arrive at Princeton Stadium early to take part in all the game day festivities.


Parade Down Ivy Lane

Don’t miss the Princeton University Band’s parade down Ivy Lane before the game. The band’s march to the stadium signals that it’s time to start entering the game, so keep an eye out for the Princeton University Band while tailgating before the game.

Big Three Bonfire

A bonfire is held after the last home game of the season if the Princeton beat both the Yale and the Harvard. The bonfire takes place behind Nassau Hall, and effigies of a Handsome Dan and John Harvard are burned in celebrations of the Tigers victories over their rivals. The bonfire was last held in 2013, so make sure to attend it if the Tigers sweep their Big Three rivals.

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Bill Bradley and Dick Kazmaier Statues

Bradley and Kazmaier are the two most famous athletes in Tigers history, so stop by and snap a picture with the statues of these legends. The statues are must-sees for any college sports fan, especially Princeton fans.

Where to tailgate

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