Every time you walk in or around the Ross-Ade Stadium, it is no doubt that you will always get that unmistakable vibe of that only the Purdue Boilermakers can make you feel. The surroundings and the fans you meet during a Purdue game day are all part of the elements that make the Ross-Ade Stadium a great place to be.

If you’re a first-time tailgater in this stadium, it’s important to know the activities and traditions that the Purdue fans celebrate to pump themselves up even more. One of the activities to take note is the Boilermaker street fest. This is where fans can go and play with their friends and families with other fans through fun and games and also have the chance to meet the team which is one of the activities that fans never want to miss as this activity is vital to being a real fan. Another significant event or tradition that fans look out for is the Boiler Bridge Walk. This where the fans cheer their hearts out as they watch the Boilermakers team walk from the Purdue Memorial Union to the stadium. From an outsider’s point of view, one cannot deny that this is one of the best ways passion and dedication are displayed.

You can never really go wrong when partying with such a dedicated crowd!


"Breakfast Club"

Join the student body at the bars as they start filling in at the crack of dawn. Costumes and school attire are most welcome. On game day the bars can have a Halloween vibe, one of the best times of the year every Saturday during football season

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211 Session

This pep rally goes down before kickoff in Mackey Arena which is home to the Boilermaker basketball team. The football team passes through the event before games to get a sense of energy from the pep rally. You’ll love 211 Session as it puts you in the game day mood.

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Chauncey Hill

Located just over a mile from Ross-Ade Stadium, Chauncey Hill is the perfect spot to get the college atmosphere that fans are looking for. Loaded with plenty of bars and restaurants, Chauncey Hill is the perfect place to grab some drinks or a bite to eat before the game.

Where to tailgate

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