1. "Breakfast Club"

Join the student body at the bars as they start filling in at the crack of dawn. Costumes and school attire are most welcome. On game day the bars can have a Halloween vibe, one of the best times of the year every Saturday during football season

2. 211 Session

This pep rally goes down before kickoff in Mackey Arena which is home to the Boilermaker basketball team. The football team passes through the event before games to get a sense of energy from the pep rally. You’ll love 211 Session as it puts you in the game day mood.

3. The Furnace

The nickname for Ross-Ade Stadium which was created in 2013. The nickname correlates with the “211 Session” as 211 degrees is one degree before the boiling point of water. Ross-Ade Stadium is a great historical stadium that is a treat to take in a game.

4. Purdue Pete

The mascot of the Purdue Boilermakers keeps the crowd going on game day. He can be seen with his railroad hammer running around the stadium encouraging fans to chant “Boiler Up” and “Hammer Down.”

5. Old Oaken Bucket

Longtime rivals, Purdue and Indiana, compete for one of the oldest trophies in college football history dubbed the “Old Oaken Bucket.” The winner gets to drape it in school colors and adorn it for a year until the next match. These instate rivals show up to compete every year, with Purdue edging out Indiana University in the win column.

6. Limestone Brick Tunnel

In 2004, Purdue added a tunnel to their stadium in memory of the football players, coaches, alumni, and fans who died in the tragic Purdue Wreck of 1903. You can pay your respects here for the fallen.

7. "Shout"

Midway through the second half, the song “Shout” is played over the PA and the students begin to wave their hands up and down for several minutes. Join the fun while you are there, and it will surely make your experience that much better.

8. Chauncey Hill

Located just over a mile from Ross-Ade Stadium, Chauncey Hill is the perfect spot to get the college atmosphere that fans are looking for. Loaded with plenty of bars and restaurants, Chauncey Hill is the perfect place to grab some drinks or a bite to eat before the game.

9. All-American Band

One of the best bands in the country, the Boilermaker marching band is sure to keep you entertained during breaks in the action. Their very own version of the World’s Largest Bass Drum will certainly keep you entertained.

10. The Beer Garden Pavilion

The Patio is your chance to purchase alcohol while attending the game. Fill up on modern concessions and chow down at one of the plethoras of tables. It’s right next to the action so you won’t have to miss the game.

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