1. Carnival Real

Carnival Real offers a wide variety of pregame entertainment options including games, live entertainment, giveaways, and much more. Stop by the East Lawn two hours before kickoff to check it out.

2. Supporter Groups

Real Salt Lake has several supporter groups who give their all to support the Royals. The majority of the groups including Salt City United, Rogue Cavaliers Brigade, RioT Brigade, and La Barra Real can be found in Sections 9 and 10, but you’ll also find several groups sprinkled throughout the stadium. The supporter groups create an incredible atmosphere at RSL games, so join in the fun.

3. Goal Gong

After every RSL goal, the Goal Gong is rung in celebration. Listen for the Goal Gong after every Real Salt Lake goal as you wouldn’t want to miss it.

4. Utah Soccer Hall of Fame

Check out the Utah Soccer Hall of Fame at Rio Tinto to learn more about the best players and most important figures from the state. The Hall of Fame is a must-see for any soccer fan, so stop by and check it out.

5. Leonardo the Lion

Leonardo does a great job of pumping up the crowd before and during the match. Keep an eye out for Leonardo as you wouldn’t want to miss him during your trip to Salt Lake City.

6. Real Salt Lake Team Shop

Those of you who are looking for some Real Salt Lake gear will need to look no further than the team shop. Here you can find just about any RSL gear you could ever want, so give it a glance when attending a match at Rio Tinto.

7. Salt City United Tailgate

If you want to tailgate with some diehard Real Salt Lake fans, then stop by the Salt City United Tailgate in the Northwest Supporters Parking Lot. Salt City United throws an incredible tailgate bash and afterward march into the stadium as a group. Join Salt City United for an excellent day of tailgating and cheering on the Royals.

8. Rocky Mountain Cup

The Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake compete each year for the Rocky Mountain Cup. The rivalry dates back to 2005 when Real Salt Lake entered Major League Soccer and has been going strong ever since. Each match between these two teams has extra bragging rights on the line, so don’t miss your chance to see the Real Salt Lake take on the Rapids.

8. Rogue Cavaliers Brigade Tailgate

Another great supporter group to tailgate with is the Rogue Cavaliers Brigade. These fans can be found in the lot north of the stadium, so join the group for one of the best tailgate parties outside Rio Tinto.

10. Mountains

Rio Tinto Stadium offers an excellent view of the nearby mountains, so enjoy the natural beauty surrounding when attending an RSL match.

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