In recent years the Rice tailgates have been very laid back due to the fact Rice has not fared as well on the field as they would like. That hasn’t stopped the diehards from coming out early and setting up the grills bright and early to prepare to watch their team play.

Despite recent struggles on the field, there is still plenty of Rice spirit to be found at the tailgate here. The band and spirit squad perform at the tailgate, which creates a beautiful gameday atmosphere.

The official Rice Tailgate, Tailgate Owley, offers an excellent place for you to hangout before the game. At Tailgate Owley you’ll find a wide variety of pregame activities that will entertain fans young and old. Live music, pregame performances, and inflatable games are some of the headliners of this tailgating area. However, you’ll also find food and activities like face painting, which is perfect for younger fans.


Premium Tailgates

Rice offers fans the opportunity to tailgate in style with their premium tailgating packages. These packages will equip you with a rooftop deck, TVs, and much more. The premium tailgate packages are perfect for groups of any size, as they can accommodate 20+ people.

Tailgate Owley

Tailgate Owley is the official Rice tailgate area located just east of the stadium. It offers a perfect place for fans of all ages to tailgate before the game giving you the opportunity to see live music and pre-game performances. For younger fans, it offers face painting and inflatable games, so everyone in your party will have a great time at Tailgate Owley.

Where to tailgate

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