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A Richmond basketball game is an excellent experience for any college hoops fan as you’ll find everything you would want in a college basketball game here including a lively student section, a fantastic pep band, and lots of pageantry. The Richmond student section, known as the Richmond Rowdies, is filled with diehards who show up to every game. Also you can’t beat the Sticky Situation as they put on one of the best in-game band performances in the Atlantic 10.

If you want to get the most out your trip to Richmond, then make sure to get tickets when the Spiders take on crosstown rivals VCU. The Spiders and Rams have a long-running rivalry that dates back to the 70’s and the fact Richmond is a private school, and VCU is a public school has helped fuel the flames over the years.

Civil War buffs especially will enjoy a trip to Richmond. Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy during the war, and as a result, there are plenty of remnants around town, which not only inldue statues of General Robert E. Lee and other generals, but also an entire museum dedicated to the Confederacy. Those of you who aren’t as into Civil War history will still have a fun time in Richmond since there are plenty of bars and restaurants near the University including The Continental.

You’ll have a great time taking in a Richmond Spiders games, which features just about everything you could want in a college hoops road trip destination and then some.

Things to check out


Hanging from the rafters are banners celebrating the Spiders many accomplishments from over the years. Take in the banners to remember all of your favorite Richmond basketball memories including the Spiders two runs to the Sweet Sixteen.

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Photos on the Concourse

Take a stroll of the concourse to see the pictures of past Spiders teams and players on the concourse. The pictures are perfect for reliving your favorite Spiders moments and offer you plenty to see on your way to getting a snack.

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Fun Zone

Those of you bringing kids to the game will want to stop by the Fun Zone. The Fun Zone offers lots activities for kids and is the perfect place to take the little ones when they get restless making it a much-appreciated part of any Spiders basketball game.

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Richmond Rowdies

If you want to be a part of the loudest and rowdiest group of fans at any Spiders game, then join the Richmond Rowdies. The student section at Richmond is unbelievable and gives the Spiders an incredible home court advantage. Even if you’re not a student, enjoy the cheers and chants provided by the Richmond Rowdies during your visit to the Robins Center.

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Sticky Situation

The Richmond pep band, known as the Sticky Situation, will rock your world. The Sticky Situations performs a variety of contemporary songs as well as school songs and are one of the best parts of any Spiders basketball game, so enjoy their performance throughout the game.

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Nobody cheers on the Spiders quite like the Richmond cheerleaders, so join in their cheers when you see them take the court. The cheerleaders perform some incredible routines you won’t want to miss making them a must-see part of any Spiders game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Spider Born”

    I’m spider born and spider bred
    And when I die I’ll be spider dead,
    So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,
    ‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond
    ‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,
    ‘Ray, ‘ray, ‘ray!

    The Spiders are all out today
    And with this game they’re gonna walk away,
    So, ‘ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,
    ‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond, Richmond,
    ‘Ray, ‘ray for Richmond,
    ‘Ray, ‘ray, ‘ray!

  2. “University of Richmond Alma Mater”

    Alma Mater, gracious mother,
    Sver green thy pine clad bills,
    Ever green thy sweetest metn’ry
    For a thousand hearts it fills.
    We thy children ion) ol Richmond,
    Loyal to thy former days
    Sing we now thy future blessing
    Raise a mighty song of praise.

    To Richmond, then, our snug we sing,
    To Richmond, all our praises bring,
    May highest honor, truth and fame,
    Be never banished from her name,
    May highest honor, truth and fame,
    Be never banished from her name,
    Our Alma Mater, gracious mother,
    To thee we sing.

    Alma Mater, gracious mother,
    Thou our mother through long years
    Keep our hearts within thy bosom
    Share fore’er our joys and tears
    While gray hours fly on together
    Let not fail the light of truth
    Guard with jealous care the birthright
    Blazoned on the souls of youth.

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