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The Rochester Red Wings have existed for over a century, and as a result, there is a lot of passion and tradition to be found at Frontier Field. The fans in Rochester love the game and people come out in droves to support the Red Wings meaning you’ll usually find a large crowd when attending a game at Frontier Field.

One of the best parts of attending a Red Wings game is the music of longtime organist Fred Castello. Castello has been the Red Wings organist since the 1970s and is a big part of what makes attending a Red Wings game such a memorable experience.

In addition to enjoying Castello’s musical stylings, you’ll also find lots to see at Frontier Park. The stadium is home to several statues including a horse made out of baseball gloves known as “Horsehide” as well as a few hall of fames including the Red Wings Hall of Fame and Frontier Field Walk of Fame. Arrive to the park early to see everything Frontier Field has to offer.

Finally, those of you who are big baseball fans will enjoy watching some of the game’s future stars take the field. The Red Wings are the Minnesota Twins Triple-A affiliate currently and have seen many great players come through town over the years including Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Cal Ripken Jr.

Frontier Field is home to one of the best experiences in Triple-A, so start planning your trip to Rochester today.

Things to check out

Baseball Glove Horse

Located right inside the main gate is a horse made out of old baseball gloves. Stop by and get a picture with the unique sculpture during your trip to Frontier Field.

Red Wings Hall of Fame

The Red Wings Hall of Fame is a must-see for any baseball fan as it honors some of the best players in baseball history. Members of the Red Wings Hall of Fame include Joe Altobelli, Bobby Grich, and Estel Crabtree. Stop by the Hall of Fame and learn all about the best players, coaches, and administrators in Red Wings history.

Walk of Fame

The Frontier Field Walk of Fame is home to bricks honoring the members of the Rochester Sports Walk of Fame as well as bricks of fans who have supported Rochester Sports. Take some time before the game to see the bricks dedicated to the members of the Walk of Fame as well as the fans.

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Red Wings Bird Statue

The Red Wings bird statue presents an excellent photo opportunity, so take a photo with the statue during your visit to Frontier Field. Kids especially will love it making it a can’t miss part of taking in a game at Frontier Field.

Autograph Sessions

The Red Wings hold autograph sessions on the concourse before the game making it easy for you to get player autographs when attending a Red Wings game. Stop by the autograph session and secure a signature from whoever is signing at the game.

Team Store

If you’re looking to get a souvenir during your trip to a Rochester Red Wings game, then the Red Wings Team Store is just the place to do so. No matter what kind of Red Wings gear you’re in the market for you’ll likely find it at the Red Wings Team Store.

Hardball Cafe

Those of you who want to grab a bite to eat without missing any of the action on the field will find exactly what you’re looking for at the Hardball Cafe. Here you’ll have an excellent view of the field while eating and drinking to your heart’s content.

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Fred Costello

Fred Costello is one of the best organists in Minor League Baseball and one of the best parts of any Red Wings game. Fred keeps the fans entertained before the game and between innings, so enjoy his performance during your visit to Frontier Field.

Mitsy and Spike

If you enjoy mascots, then you won’t want to miss Mitsy and Spike. These two birds get into all kinds of shenanigans throughout the game making them a memorable part of any Red Wings game.

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