You won’t find a lot of traditional tailgating surrounding Red Wings games. However, for select games, the Red Wings host a Pre-Game Happy Hour that is home to just about everything you could want in a tailgate. The Pre-Game Happy Hour is home to $2 beers, live music, and tailgate games, so if you’ve ever wanted to tailgate at a Red Wings game, then these games are your chance to do so.

While there isn’t a lot of traditional tailgating around Frontier Field, you will be able to stop by several nearby bars in downtown Rochester. Bar hopping is a fun activity for those of you who want to drink before a Red Wings game, so arrive early and get the most out of your pregame experience.

In addition to bar hopping, make sure to check out all the Red Wings tributes to important players and administrators. The Red Wings have statues celebrating longtime owner Morrie Silver as well as player and manager Joe Altobelli. You also won’t want to miss the banners celebrating Red Wings greats hanging from the light poles in the parking lots.

You’ll find plenty to see and do outside Frontier Field before the game, so take advantage of everything downtown Rochester and Frontier Field have to offer.


Joe Altobelli Statue

Joe Altobelli not only played for the Red Wings he also served as a coach, manager, general manager, and broadcaster for the team. Take a moment before the game to stop by the statue and snap a picture with the legendary Red Wing.

Morrie Silver Statue

Morrie Silver was pivotal in saving professional baseball in Rochester in the 1950s, so make sure to stop by and snap a picture with the statue of him before the game.

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All-Time Greats Banners

Hanging from the light poles outside the stadium are banners celebrating all of the greatest players in Red Wings history. Walk around the outside of the park to see all the players honored during your next visit to Frontier Field.

Where to tailgate

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