Texans know how to tailgate, and it’s no different when it comes to the Express. While you won’t confuse the tailgate scene at an Express game for a UT football game, you’ll still find lots of people tailgating and having a good time in the parking lots outside Dell Diamond.

Arrive early, if you want to get the most out of your tailgating and Express gameday experience. The tailgate scene here is top notch, and you’ll want to get to the ballpark early if you want to get a good spot. Once you’ve secured your spot, fire up the grill and break out the coolers for a fun afternoon or evening of tailgating.

Those of you who are looking to hold a larger tailgate party will want to get a spot in the picnic area. The picnic area comes equipped with tables and trash cans making it easy for you to set up and clean up.

If tailgating isn’t exactly your thing or you want to grab some barbecue before the game, then stop by Salt Lick BBQ across the street from Dell Diamond. Salt Lick BBQ offers mouthwatering barbecue within walking distance to the park and is your stop for a fun and easy pregame experience.

Finally, make sure to get a picture with the Nolan Ryan statue as you make your way into the stadium. No trip to Dell Diamond is complete without a picture of you and the legendary pitcher.

The tailgating scene outside Dell Diamond is among the best in the Pacific Coast League, so arrive early and enjoy some tailgating and barbecue before the game.


Nolan Ryan Statue

Nolan Ryan is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history as well as one of the owners of the Express, so don’ miss the statue of him outside the ballpark. Snap a picture with Ryan as you make your way into the ballpark for a fun night of Express baseball.

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