1. Nolan Ryan Statue

Nolan Ryan is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history as well as one of the owners of the Express, so don’ miss the statue of him outside the ballpark. Snap a picture with Ryan as you make your way into the ballpark for a fun night of Express baseball.

2. Pool

Beat the Texas heat by enjoying a swim at the pool at Dell Diamond. Book your spot at the pool and spa for a one a kind gameday experience you’ll only find at a few other ballparks.

3. Fun Zone

Take the kids to the Fun Zone during your visit to Dell Diamond. The Fun Zone is located behind the right field berm and features a play structure, a rock wall, basketball court and more.

4. Past Player Banners

Before the game, walk the concourse to see all the banners of past players hanging around the park. The banners celebrate greats such as Roy Oswalt and are a must-see for any baseball fan.

5. Spike

Don’t miss Spike dancing on the dugouts and entertaining fans throughout the game. No matter what your age you’ll enjoy Spike’s antics, so keep an eye out for him at the game.

6. Autographs

If you want to get an autograph from your favorite player, then make your way to the clubhouse stairs beneath the Home Run Deck before or after the game. You’ll have plenty of time to get an autograph from your favorite player so arrive early or stay late to do so.

7. Kids Club

The Round Rock Express Kids Club is the perfect way to get young fans involved in the game. Kids 12 and under can join and get tickets to 16 Express games during the season.

8. Rockers

The Round Rock Express offer a section full of rocking chairs under the Home Run Porch in left field. The rockers provide a unique way to watch a game, so get rocker tickets for your next game at Dell Diamond.

9. Railyard Team Store

The Railyard Team Store is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Dell Diamond. The store has just about any Express merchandise you can find, so stop by and get a cap or foam finger.

10. Party Porch and Party Deck

The Party Porch and Party Deck are excellent places to hold group events at Dell Diamond. Both options come with an all-inclusive buffet and parking passes.

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