1. The Scarlet Knight

You can see Rutgers’ Scarlet Knight mascot entertaining the crowd at every basketball game. He can be seen leading cheers and performing all kinds of antics. Look for the Scarlet Knight to energize the crowd when you’re at a Rutgers football game.

2. Rutgers-Seton Hall Rivalry

Rutgers have a fierce in-state basketball rivalry with nearby Seton Hall. The Scarlet Knights and Pirates were both members of members of the Big East Conference for years and there is no love lost between these two New Jersey based schools. Don’t miss it when Seton Hall comes to town if you want to see The RAC at its wildest.

3. Championship Banners

Hanging around the Louis Brown Athletic Center are banners honoring the Scarlet Knights past conference championships. Rutgers is yet to win a Big Ten title, but when they do look for a banner to be raised alongside those honoring their previous titles.

4. Pep Band

The Rutgers pep band provides a lively atmosphere with their unique musical performances. Don’t miss it when the pep band plays the Rutgers fight song or “on The Banks of the Old Raritan,” if you want to get the full Rutgers experience.

5. Big Ten Banners

You’ll also find banners showing off all the Big Ten schools when attending a Rutgers basketball game. The Big Ten banners are a nice touch that shows off how exciting Rutgers’ future looks now that they’ve joined the Big Ten.

6. Cheerleaders

The Rutgers cheerleaders keep the crowd on their feet with their cheers and stunts. Keep your eyes open for the cheerleaders for your chance to win some cool giveaways.

7. Scoreboard

The center court scoreboard at The RAC does an excellent job of showing replays. No matter where you’re sitting in The RAC, you’ll have a great view of the scoreboard.

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