1. Cannon

In section 131, the Scarlet Knights keep a loaded cannon, keeping alive a tradition that dates back to the 1800s and when Rutgers used to play Princeton University, who also have a cannon. Many jokes and pranks have been pulled over the years between these two schools, making the cannon a staple of HighPoint.com Stadium.

2. Scarlet Walk

Approximately two hours before kickoff, the Rutgers University Scarlet Knights will be dropped off on Scarlet Knight Way on the north side of the stadium. A tunnel is created by fans, the marching band, and the cheerleaders as the team heads into the stadium. Get to Rutgers early so that you can take part in this fantastic pregame tradition.

3. "First Game" Statue

The “First Game” Statue at Rutgers Stadium celebrates what is believed to be the first-ever American football game, which was played between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. It’s supposed to be good luck to touch the statue before the game, so stop by to bring the Scarlet Knights some extra luck.

4. The Scarlet Knight

Rutgers’ Scarlet Knight mascot has been appearing at games since 1955. The mascot can be seen in his scarlet armor riding his trusty white charger on game day and is a great part of the Rutgers football tradition. Look for the Scarlet Knight to energize the crowd when you’re at a Rutgers football game.

5. Lil' Jovi

Rutgers is in New Jersey home to Jon Bon Jovi, and to show this part of their background at the games a 12-year-old boy, Nicholas Sasso, nicknamed Lil’ Jovi will get on the jumbotron and crank out Livin on a Prayer on the air guitar. This tradition started by accident as he was first caught doing it by chance and has become a staple of gameday with his act.  

6. Keep Chopping Entrance

As the Scarlet Knights make their way onto the field, one player is chosen each week to haul out an axe and drive it into a stump to symbolize the team’s keep chopping mantra. The players and crowd go bananas after the axe crushes through the stump and shortly after kickoff takes place.

7. RAC Lot Tailgating

A majority of Rutgers tailgating happens in the RAC lot to the northeast of the stadium. Contrary to what the “official” rules are, it is okay to set up a tent for your tailgate if you want to and are respectful of others. The lot technically opens three hours before kickoff, but many fans will come earlier and then pay the attendant when he/she arrives. If you’re looking for a great place to tailgate at Rutgers than the RAC Lot is the place for you.

8. Alma Mater

Similar to lots of colleges around the country following every game the Scarlet Knights players and coaches join in the singing of the school’s alma mater with the fans. However, at Rutgers what makes this unique is the band usually lets one graduating senior come down and conduct the band during the playing of the song. It’s a great tradition to take part in, so stick around after the game.

9. Rutgers Kids' Zone

For a more family-friendly tailgate, the Kids Zone is where to be. This tailgate includes many activities such as games, rides, plenty of food, temporary tattoos, and a poster making station. This area opens two and a half hours before kickoff and is a great spot for families.

10. The Grease Trucks

The Grease Trucks along College Avenue make some of the heaviest sandwiches you will ever come across. The trucks are open late and present a great option for after the game if you’ve been partying with the students all day and need to refuel. Stop by the grease trucks to grab a post-game meal that will fill you up.

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