Baseball fans and tailgate fans will love taking a trip to Sacramento for a River Cats game. Sutter Health Park offers plenty of room to tailgate as there are several parking lots outside the ballpark that are perfect for tailgating. You’ll find plenty of room to set up the tent and grill, so arrive early and make the most out of your trip to Sutter Health Park. The one downside is that you aren’t allowed to drink alcohol at the tailgates outside the park.

Another excellent way to spend some time before the game is by taking part in the Home Plate Tailgate. The Home Plate Tailgate provides you with a unique experience and enables you to tailgate on the field during batting practice. The package comes with an all-you-can-eat buffet and drinks making it the perfect way to tailgate before a River Cats game.

Finally, those of you who like the bar scene more than tailgating will also be in luck as there is a good selection of bars and restaurants near Sutter Health Park. Fat City Bar & Cafe is an especially great place to grab a drink or bite to eat making it an excellent place to hit up before the game.

No matter what kind of tailgating experience you’re looking for you’ll have a lot of fun tailgating before a River Cats game.


Sutter Health Park Sign and Clock Tower

Get a picture of the Sutter Health Park sign and clock tower before entering the park. Both are located near the home plate gate and provide an excellent photo op for fans.

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