1. Down on the Farm

If you’re looking to keep the kids entertained, then take them to Down on the Farm. Down on the Farm is located behind the hill in right field and features a play structure, wiffle ball field, inflatables, and more.

2. View of the Tower Bridge

Sutter Health Park provides fans with a great view of the Sacramento’s Tower Bridge, so enjoy the view when taking in a River Cats game.

3. On Deck Shop

Stop by the On Deck Shop at the home plate entrance to pick up a souvenir from your trip to Sutter Health Park. The On Deck Shop offers a wide selection of merchandise including River Cats caps, t-shirts, foam fingers, and much more.

4. Dinger

Keep an eye out for the River Cats mascot Dinger throughout the game. Dinger gets into a variety of antics during the game and if you see him on the concourse make sure to give him a high-five.

5. Autographs

Get an autograph from your favorite River Cats player before the game. Fans can get autographs up until 15 minutes before game time on the outer side of both the home and away dugouts, so make sure to arrive early and to get your desired signatures.

6. Home Plate Tailgate

Want to tailgate on the field during batting practice? Well, you can do just that at a River Cats game thanks to the Home Plate Tailgate. The Home Plate Tailgate provides you with food and drinks on the field before the game as well as access to the Jack Daniel’s Solon Club and Governor’s Club Seats.

7. Tito’s Solon Club

If you want to enjoy a River Cats game in style, then make sure to have a suite ticket or Governors, Dugout, or Senate membership so you can enjoy Tito’s Solon Club. The club features upscale food and drink options, 14 HD TVs, and air conditioning making it an excellent place to take in the game.

8. Ballpark Vineyard

Sutter Health Park is the only professional baseball stadium to feature a vineyard making it a must-see when taking in a River Cats game. The River Cats have partnered with local vineyard owners Bogle Vineyards & Winery, and the vineyard at the park is expected to start producing fruit by 2019.

9. Mosaic Tiles

Check out the mosaic tiles painted by school kids located throughout the ballpark. The tiles are fun to look at particularly if you or your child was one of the artists.

10. Sutter Health Park Sign and Clock Tower

Get a picture of the Sutter Health Park sign and clock tower before entering the park. Both are located near the home plate gate and provide an excellent photo op for fans.

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