1. Billiken Statue

Stop by the Billiken statue before the game and give it a rub for good luck. The Billiken statue is a must-see for anyone attending an SLU game as not only does it present an excellent photo op it also allows you to give the Billikens some extra luck before the game.

2. SLU Athletics Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the SLU Athletics Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame located outside sections 121 and 122 is filled with all kinds of memorabilia from the Billikens past as well as lots of great information about SLU athletics.

3. SLUNatics

SLUNatics are one of the wildest and loudest student sections in not only the Atlantic 10 but all of college sports. SLUNatics love their Billikens win or lose and go all out to show their support on game days. You’ll be able to hear their chants and taunts echo throughout the arena on game days, so enjoy the atmosphere or join in during your trip to St. Louis.


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4. The Billiken

Don’t miss the Billiken when attending a Saint Louis basketball game. The Billiken is a big part of any Saint Louis game and can be seen interacting with fans and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Keep an eye out for the Billiken as you never know what he’ll do next.


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5. World’s Greatest Pep Band

The SLU pep band is known as the “World’s Greatest Pep Band” and with good reason. You won’t find a better pep band anywhere in the Atlantic 10, so enjoy the incredible performance put on by the World’s Greatest Pep Band when attending a Billikens game.


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6. Arch Baron Cup

Every year Saint Louis and Atlantic 10 rivals Dayton play for the Arch Baron Cup. The Billikens hate to lose to the Flyers since not only are bragging rights on the line but also the Arch Baron Cup. Get your tickets when Dayton comes to town as you’ll be in for a good one when attending a Dayton-Saint Louis game.


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7. SLU Team Shop

If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip to SLU, then the SLU Team Shop is the spot for you. Whether you just want a t-shirt or are looking for something more extravagant, you’ll find it here as the SLU Team Shop has just about anything Billikens.

8. Concourse Photos

Take a walk of the concourse before the game to see all of the photos and other Billikens paraphernalia. The concourse is filled with pictures of your favorite Billikens from the past meaning there is a lot to see during your visit to Chaifetz Arena.

9. Saint Louis-Southern Illinois Rivalry

Saint Louis and Southern Illinois have an intense non-conference rivalry that takes place every year. The matchups between these two are a can’t miss for anyone in the St. Louis or Southern Illinois as there are lots bragging rights on the line between these two regional rivals. If you can only see one Billikens non-conference game, then this is the one to see.

10. Cheer Team

The SLUNatics aren’t the only ones cheering on the Billikens, the SLU cheer team also does a fantastic job of showing their support for the team. The cheerleaders at an SLU game put on an unforgettable show, so don’t miss their performances.


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