1. Wasatch Mountains View

One of the best parts of taking in a game at Smith’s Ballpark is the beautiful view of the Wasatch Mountains. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Utah, then there are few better places to be than Smith’s Ballpark.

2. Bumble Express

Kids love riding the Bumble Express between the left and right field foul poles. The Bumble Express is free to ride and is a can’t miss part of any Bees game for kids. Take a ride on the Bumble Express when attending a Bees game.

3. Bumble

Don’t miss the Bees zany mascot Bumble when visiting Smith’s Ballpark. Fans young and old love Bumble who’ll keep you entertained throughout the game with his antics.

4. Lucky 13

Lucky 13 is home to the best burgers in Utah and is only a block or so from Smith’s Ballpark. Those of you looking to grab a bite to eat or something to drink will without a doubt want to stop by Lucky 13 before the game.

5. Honeybees

One of the unique aspects of attending a Salt Lake Bees games is the team’s spirit squad known as the Honeybees. The Honeybees entertain and pump up the crowd throughout the game, so don’t miss them during your trip to Smith’s Ballpark.

6. Fun Zone

Take the kids to the Fun Zone right field during your visit to Smith’s Ballpark. The Fun Zone is home to a play structure and wiffle ball field making it the perfect place to keep kids entertained during the game.

7. Smith’s Family Night

Each Monday night you can get four tickets to a Bees game and four hot dogs for only $20. Additional tickets can be purchased for $5 a piece as well making Monday’s a fantastic time to come out and support the Bees.

8. Autograph Sessions

At every game, you can find at least one player signing autographs about 30 minutes before the game starts. Arrive early and get an autograph from your favorite Bees player.

9. Home Plate Entrance and Plaza

The home plate entrance at Smith’s Ballpark gives off a festive feel and is filled with Bees banners and signage on game days. The two towers are also a fun part of the entrance as well.

10. Salt Lake Bee-Las Vegas 51s Rivalry

The Las Vegas 51s are located down I-15 from the Bees, and as a result, there are alway a lot of bragging rights at stake when these two divisional rivals meet. You won’t want to miss it when the 51s come to Salt Lake City, so make sure to get your tickets when the Bees and 51s meet.

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